Another Former WWE and TNA Star Says His In-Ring Career Is Winding Down

Jul 9, 2014 - by Marc Middleton

– Former WWE and TNA star Shannon Moore wrote on Twitter that his in-ring career is pretty much over. He wrote the following:

“For u asking I’m pretty much done in the ring. Just times have changed and I don’t want to be that guy trying to Stay on Indy’s I’ve lived it and I would rather get out and be an agent or work with talent.Thanks WCW,WWE,and TNA!!!”

“Looking for the next thing.And want to move to Chicago and be with my wife’s amazing family!! Thanks to all that have supported me over the last 20 plus years. Much love to fans. Keep supporting the guys Because family’s depend on that support!!!Thank You So Much for making a dream come true.”

“Thanks to MCWs Bill B and Burt P, WCWs Eric B,WWEs Vince M and TNAs Dixie C and Vince R,and and Vince R,and Jason H!! And all that followed me all this time!!!And my fans where so important. And the most important thing my wife Julie Youngberg that always had my back when times where good and bad!!Much Love. And Wrestlers like Taker,Brock,Benoit,Eddie,Rey M,Ken K,The Cinci Crew,And Chris Kanyon.Arn,Ace,Fit,Double J. Sting,Hulk,And anybody else that helped me learn my craft as much as I did. You all will be talked about with my kids. Thank You So Much!! And a special thanks to Terry Taylor for being real with me,along with B Man!!!”

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