Wrestling By The Numbers: Josh ‘Mathews’ Lomberger

Jul 1, 2014 - by staff

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced the release WWE Tough Enough Season 1 finalist Josh ‘Mathews’ Lomberger. The 33-year-old Sea Isle City New Jersey native had spent the last 12-years with the WWE after having been signed shortly after appearing on the upstart reality television program. Lomberger was the only person still working the the WWE who appeared on the first season of WWE Tough Enough. He was trained by former WWE superstars Al Snow, Tazz, Ivory, Jacqueline and Tori and finished third in the competition to winners Maven and Nidia. He signed with the organization in the fall of 2002 and had worked as a regular announcer with the company ever since.

Josh Lomberger is best remembered for his work as an interviewer but has also been the voice of multiple television programs during his tenure. Along with Michael Cole and Booker T., he worked as the voice of Smackdown during a period of time and has also commentated on shows including Raw, Velocity, Heat, ECW, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, Main Event and NXT Wrestling. He had recently been working on WWE pay-per-view broadcasts as the Host of their discussion panel segments before the announcement of his release on June 25th. After competing on WWE Tough Enough he worked for independent company’s including the Xcitement Wrestling Federation, the Heartland Wrestling Association and AWA Superstars Of Wrestling before signing on as an announcer.

Below we look at the televised professional wrestling career of Josh ‘Matthews’ Lomberger by the numbers…

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 10 Events As A Commentator on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 67 Events As An Interviewer / Event Host / Discussion Panelist ( Most All-Time ) on WWE Pay-Per-View. (First Event: 2003 No Way Out Last Event: 2014 Payback)

* 2 Matches on WWE Smackdown.

* 1 Main Event Match on WWE Smackdown.

* 3 Matches on WWE Byte This Tough Enough Special.

* 1 Main Event Match on WWE Byte This Tough Enough Special.

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