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WWE Confirms KENTA’s Signing?, Note on Triple H and Orton from MITB, New NXT Tag Team

– We noted before that the returning Scott Dawson and the debuting Dash Wilder picked up a win at a WWE NXT live event this weekend. Apparently the name of their tag team is The Mechanics.

– Several fans sitting ringside at Money In the Bank noted that Triple H was right there with the WWE medics as they checked on and worked on Randy Orton’s cut to the head in the main event.

– As noted, media in Japan are reporting that WWE will be announcing KENTA’s signing at a press conference during their Japanese tour in July. WWE’s office in Japan announced on Sunday that a major Japanese superstar would sign a WWE contract at the July 12th live event in Osaka but did not name KENTA.

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3 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    That doesn’t surprise me about Triple H. He had to stay in character and Orton is one of his lackeys at the moment. But also, Triple H knows what these matches are like so I’m sure he had legit concern for Orton’s safety.

  2. Ian says:

    The Mechanics????

  3. Leg Lover's Mom says:

    Well yeah. Dawson had already been playing up the idea he looks like a mechanic before this.

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