Shine 20 iPPV results

Jun 28, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck


SHINE 20 – June 27th 2014
The Orpheum, Ybor City, FL

1: Legendary (Brandi Wine & Malia Hosaka) won a four way number one contenders tag team match over The Buddy System (Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling), The SNS Express (Jessie Belle Smothers & Sassy Stephie) and Kimber Lee. Lee was wrestling on her own, as her tag team partner Cherry Bomb could not make the show due to travel problems from Canada. Legendary’s manager Leilani Kai pulled The Buddy System’s manager Daffney off the apron, creating confusion and allowing Hosaka to pin Lee to claim the shot at the SHINE Tag Team Titles later in the night.

2: Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Amber O’Neal via disqualification. O’Neal, who’s usually a babyface, kept getting frustrated at Dobson, making her debut, kicking out of her big moves, so O’Neal grabbed a chair and hit Dobson with it for the DQ. Afterwards, she did the Bullet Club pose to Dobson – O’Neal is married to Bullet Club member Doc Gallows.

3: Su Yung defeated Justine Silver. Yung looked timid to begin, but once Silver punched her in the face, Yung snapped and destroyed her, with the help of fellow Valkyrie member April Hunter. Yung put on a latex glove and gave Silver a Mandible Claw like hold known as The Purge, and then locked on her Yellow Fever submission hold, but Silver was knocked out, and the referee called the match.

4: La Rosa Negra defeated Shanna. This was a rematch from SHINE 18 in April, where Shanna defeated Negra in a very good undercard match. Despite being from Portugal, Shanna was dressed in a very skimpy Brazil football kit, and used a football to attack Negra with during the match. Shanna had a very hard hitting match won when she got into a confrontation with local boxer Noemi Bosques, who punched her, allowing Negra to win with a frog splash.

5: Candice LeRae defeated Nevaeh. A solid, close matchup, in which LeRae won by reversing Nevaeh’s Backpack Stunner into an O’Connor Roll. LeRae’s usual tag team partner, Joey Ryan, was in attendance, but was not shown on camera.
6: Legendary defeated The Lucha Sisters (Leva Bates & Mia Yim) to win the SHINE Tag Team Championship. Despite the Lucha Sisters being a younger, fresher team, Legendary used various illegal tricks to maintain the advantage. During Mia Yim’s comeback, Leilani Kai tripped her on a quebrada attempt, allowing Wine to pin Yim to win the titles. The Lucha Sisters did not take the defeat well, with Bates throwing chairs around the building after the match.

7: Allysin Kay defeated Jessicka Havok in a Last Woman Standing Match. Havok and Kay had their usual wild and destructive hard-hitting brawl all over the building. Havok hit an Air Raid Crash on Kay onto a steel chair, but as both women were down, Su Yung came out and tied Havok’s legs up, allowing her partner in Valkyrie, Kay, to beat the count and win. After the match, Havok procured a pair of scissors to get out of the rope tying her up, and was then able to grab Kay, and cut a sizeable amount of Kay’s hair off with the scissors.

8: Ivelisse Velez and Serena Deeb went to a one hour time limit draw for Velez’s SHINE Championship. This was a remarkable effort on the part of both women, considering that this was in late June in Florida, and despite it being past 11pm, the temperature in the building was really hot. Deeb in particular was sweating buckets as the match went on. The length of the match and the heat did take the fans out of the match for the most part, but they did react to the key moments in the match. The match featured heavy striking peppered throughout the hour, and various submission attempts. Deeb’s partner in Valkyrie, April Hunter, was ejected with about ten minutes to go, leading to the closing stretch where both women tried in vain to win the match. Both Velez and Deeb got a standing ovation from the fans at the conclusion of the match.

The next SHINE event, SHINE 21, will be on August 22nd at the Orpheum in Ybor City. Before then, the venue will host Full Impact Pro on July 11th, and EVOLVE on August 8th, featuring Matt Sydal and Drew Galloway in action.
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