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Jun 27, 2014 - by staff

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 775 that will be aired in Louisville on 6/28 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/775

A clip from last week shows Chris Silvio telling OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia that he has Jamin’s back but wants a title shot once Jamin is done with Danger International. A second clip shows last week’s main event where Marcus Anthony has Jamin up and ready to powerbomb him when Silvio runs in and gives Anthony the Rocket Punch, allowing Jamin to pin opponent Shiloh Jonze. A third clip shows Jamin challenging Anthony to find a partner for a tag match against himself and Silvio for next week’s show.

After the show opening, we see OUR OVW Announce Team of “Professor” Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer for the evening. Can Jamin and Silvio function as a unit? Who will Anthony choose as his partner? OVW STARTS NOW!!!

Match #1: Paredyse vs OUR OVW TV Champion Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger)
“The Paragon of Virtue” Joshua Hawk Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match but Dean says Ashcraft might as well be in Danger International. Revolver and Danger are color-coordinated tonight while Paredyse is back in the Hello Kitty trunks! Paredyse blocks Revolver down and rides the pony until Revolver seeks refuge in the ropes. They trade chops then Paredyse atomic drops Revolver for a cover but Ashcraft drops and counts in slow motion. Revolver rolls out but Paredyse fetches and rolls him back in. Revolver sets up for a tenpunch but Paredyse blocks it, whips Revolver across, and sets up his own tenpunch. Paredyse hits 9 and adds a stinkface as number 10. Revolver whips Paredyse to the corner but gets a Kiester to the Kisser for his trouble before getting dropkicked out as we go to break.
Back from break, Paredyse misses on a Hot Seat and Revolver stomps him before hitting a fishermans suplex for 2. Revolver drags Paredyse by the hair to the apron and hammers on him then drops and elbow for 2 as Dean and Gilbert notice that Ashcraft’s counts are getting faster as the match goes on. Paredyse breaks free from a body scissors and sunset flips for a slow 2 but Revolver lariats him. Revolver comes off the top but Paredyse forearms him then drop toeholds him and locks in a cross face. Revolver reaches for the ropes and gets help when Ashcraft pulls the bottom rope so he can grab it. Paredyse confronts Ashcraft about this, giving Revolver a chance to grab the belt and hit Paredyse with it. Ashcraft doesn’t call for the bell but can’t count fast enough as Paredyse kicks out. Revolver whiffs on the chained fist and Paredyse rolls him up then legsweeps him but Ashcraft doesn’t count either time. Paredyse confronts Ashcraft again but Revolver sneaks up and puts Paredyse in a crossface. Ashcraft calls for the bell even though Paredyse doesn’t tap out. Dean hesitates to ring the bell but finally does as there was much consternation over Ashcraft’s actions.

The flame appears and it is eternal. It also brings light through faith of well-being. “Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles asks the same unidentified guy from last week how he feels. The guy replies that he has never felt more alive. Miles hugs him and says that he is blessed.

Gilbert and Dean are still outraged over Ashcraft, who gets to ref the next match too!

Match #2: The Body Brigade (The Body Guy & Big John) vs The Wild Boyz (“Party Starter” Bud Dwight & “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond)
The winners will go to the 7/5 Saturday Night Special to take on OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the Skywalkers for the titles. Skywalkers (Aaron Sky and Robbie Walker) are shown watching this on a monitor in the back. Still no sign of “Bodacious” Bobby Black as the Bodies attack at the bell and get whipped together but pull up right before they collide. They get slugged anyway and Body Guy gets dragged off to the Wild Boyz corner to get worked over. Body Guy escapes all this via hairpulling Diamond to the mat. Big John comes in to miss an elbow drop but connects on a kneelift to Dwight. Body Guy returns to get hiptossed by Dwight, who then picks him up for an atomic drop. Big John sneaks in but gets inadvertently headbutted by Body Guy as Dwight is pulling him up. Diamond springs off Dwight and splashes Body Guy in the corner. Diamond picks up Body Guy and moves back, not seeing Body Guy reach out and tag Big John. Diamond leapfrogs Body Guy and right into Big John’s arms. Big John spinebusters Diamond for the pin.

In the back, Shiloh Jonze confronts “stupid” Clint Poe, reminding Poe that he is the leader of the Marauders thus Poe has to do what he says. He tells Poe to do nothing tonight. Poe asks where Raul Lamotta and Nick Dumeyer are but Jonze says he’ll worry about them. Jamin Olivencia walks through to a room where Danger, Anthony, and Ashcraft are conferring. Jamin says it’s not surprising that Ashcraft would be hanging around with a couple of goofs! Jamin says that since Danger is a gambler (by making the stipulation for Jamin vs Anthony on 6/28 in Elizabethtown where the loser doesn’t get another title shot for 3 months), would he like to gamble on making a stipulation for tonight’s main event. Jamin offers up that the winning team gets to pick the referee for the Elizabethtown match and Danger accepts this. Anthony and Ashcraft disapprove of this and leave in a huff, although Danger swears he has this under control!

Match #3: Shiloh Jonze (w/”Reluctant Marauder” Clint Poe) vs Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
One of the new anonymous refs is in charge here as Jonze poses but Melvin poses more impressively before shoving Jonze out of the ring. Jonze comes off the top but Melvin catches him by the neck and tosses him into the corner before splashing him. Melvin applies the deadly bearhug but Jonze bites his way to freedom. Jonze puts some knees to Melvin’s back and chokes him in the ropes as Poe wanders over to watch Jonze miss a guillotine legdrop and laugh at him. Jonze hits a spinning heel kick for 2 and yells at Poe but Melvin gives him a lariat and a slam before applying the deadly bearhug, forcing Jonze to tap out.
Jonze calls Poe into the ring and tells him that he has to do as he is told. Poe replies that Jonze told him to do nothing, so that’s what he did! Poe then says that his contract says that he has to only associate with Jonze as opposed to listening to him, and he will make sure that Jonze never wins again! Jonze attacks but Poe clobbers him and lariats him over the top rope.

Match #4: Rump Thump vs Randy Terrez
The other anonymous ref is in charge here as the two wrestlers shake hands and trade waistlocks and armworking to start. Terrez tries a sunset flip but Rump Thump rolls forward and covers him for 2. Terrez charges but gets backdropped to the apron then comes off the top with a flying armdrag. Terrez sets up for the Whiplash but gets shoved into the ropes. Terrez tries to go for a springboard but slips on the ropes and Rump Thump covers him for 2. The two trade small packages and Rump Thump ends up on top for the pin.
The two fistbump as Gilbert says this is the biggest win of Rump Thump’s career!

The two continue to congratulate each other in the back when Roberto DeLuna walks up and says something in Spanish. Rump Thump asks Terrez what DeLuna said but Terrez said it was just a bunch of crap.

Match #5: “Strongest Gamer Alive” Marcus Anthony & “Mexicutioner” Roberto DeLuna (w/ Timmy Danger & Adam Revolver) vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia & “Psychedelic Superstar” Chris Silvio (w/Mary Jane)
The face-painted Silvio comes out flanked by two guys in theatre masks and another in a gorilla suit who are dispatched to the back. OUR OVW Co-Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe exercises his authority by ejecting Revolver from ringside. Silvio dives out onto DeLuna while Jamin leaps out onto Anthony as we get some pre-bell brawling underway. Anthony drags Jamin into the ring by the throat but misses a kneedrop and gets knocked back out to the floor. DeLuna slings Silvio into the ring as Sharpe calls for the bell to officially start the match. Silvio hits a flying ass and flips DeLuna into the corner. Anthony lariats Silvio then grabs him by the neck and shoves him into the Danger corner but misses a splash. Silvio comes off the top but Anthony catches him as DeLuna runs in to make a Silvio sandwich as we go to break.
Back from break, Silvio slides down Anthony’s back but eats a lariat. DeLuna gets whipped into Silvio then DeLuna whips Silvio into an Anthony lariat. Anthony stands on Silvio for 2 then weaves him into the ropes and pounds on him. DeLuna comes in to apply a sleeper until Silvio gets to his feet but DeLuna yanks him back down to the mat. Anthony boots Silvio in the ribs then pops Jamin, which allows for some doubleteaming as Sharpe has to herd Jamin back to his corner. Anthony slams Silvio on the mat and headlocks him. Silvio gets to his feet as DeLuna comes back in but Silvio gives him an enziguri! Silvio crawls around on the mat but eventually makes his way over for the tag! Jamin comes in with a 200% flurry of offense culminating in a jumping lariat on Anthony for 2. DeLuna shoves Jamin into Anthony, who picks Jamin up in a Razors Edge. Silvio runs in and hits the Rocket Punch on Anthony, sending him to the apron. Jamin gives DeLuna a Standing O for the pin.
Jamin gets the mic and says there is some shady stuff going on around here. Jamin says no to Ashcraft as the ref and instead picks Sharpe as the ref for Elizabethtown. Mary Jane hula hoops for joy as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: They really pushed the 6/28 Elizabethtown event although Jamin vs Anthony is the only match they announced. Ashcraft didn’t do anything shady in the second match and we didn’t see any feuding with Sharpe this week. I’m sticking to my prediction that Ted McNaler will be revealed as “the boss” and it will happen in the next couple of weeks. I saw a short clip on YouTube of Diamond and Dwight and liked this pairing. Of course they were partying in the streets. The show started out intense with Paredyse and Revolver but it seemed to lose steam after that. Overall, I’ll give it a thumbs in the middle.

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