News, notes, and and observations from last night’s Impact TV tapings (spoilers)

Jun 26, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Fred Richani for TSC News.

I attended the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City Wednesday night (7/17-7/24) and just thought I’d share some raw thoughts on what we saw.

My colleague JGeorge Estrella also attended the show.

Note: I left after Sanada’s heel turn. JGeorge stayed.


•Hot crowd
•Some good matches
•Too many ECW references (even if some were subtle)
•Most annoying wrestling crowd I’ve ever seen – I will agree with Lance Storm from now on about fans trying to get themselves over. Some of the crap they chanted and their timing was straight up disrespectful.


-“Chris Benoit” during MVP/King vs. Roode/EY
-“Cena’s better” and “You can’t wrestle” at Lashley
-“CM Punk” randomly during matches
-“We are awesome” – I know other crowds have done it, but they came off more unlikable
-“Your side sucks” – In reference to our side.. You know, the media side. Well, I don’t think there were that many media members on my side except for us and one other journalist, but still…

•The show dragged on. I love covering Bellator fights live, but their one drawback for crowds (at times) is the shows tend to drag. Long gaps in between bouts that end early. TNA had the same problem here, only they’re predetermined and could’ve sped things up. Totally overdid it with the fans get loud for a “backstage pass” deal. Made show drag. A couple times is OK, but it got to the point where I thought JB forgot this wasn’t a house show.

•JGeorge can speak on this better than me since he stayed the whole time (I had to leave early for work), but I’m assuming they totally hurt and maybe even killed the good will they had all night, with the debuts of Snitsky and Zeke — at the end of what was a fun taping. Snitsky and Zeke are good guys (we have mutual friends), but they don’t exactly restore faith in TNA.

•A lot of talking. Got better after Angle, Taz, and Ray/Dreamer promos, which were good/tolerable, but when I left after Muta deal, I heard it went downhill.

•Great Muta’s return was rushed. Destroyed Robbie E. Before epic celebration could sink in, out comes James Storm, who clowns him and Yasu(?). Right after that, Sanada runs in with a chair, scares away Storm, and hits Muta for the big heel turn. OK then….

•We forget how great Wolves, Aries, Uno, Sanada, and TJ Perkins can be when given the time to let loose. God bless Crazy Steve, but he did not belong in the same ring as those guys, even for two minutes.

•TNA still assumes we know the rules to their confusing gauntlet (ghetto Royal Rumble… sort of) matches.

•Lastly, even on a show they’re taping for next month, it felt like they rushed post-match celebrations that’ll surely feature “TO THE BACK” type segues. Guess they didn’t get the memo “let it breathe.”

Overall, fun show, but the focus on talent of the past (WWE/ECW) was slightly alarming as usual. At least Aries is back in the mix!

Keep up the great work!

-Fred Richani

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