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Jun 21, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 774 that will be aired in Louisville on 6/21 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/774

After the show opening, we see OUR OVW Announce Team of “Professor” Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus. Dean and Titus are arguing and Gilbert has to calm them down. Gilbert says that Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus won the TV title from Adam Revolver last Saturday in Austin, IN and we will see how this happened shortly! We also will see Paredyse vs Marcus Anthony and Shiloh Jonze taking on Jamin Olivencia in tonight’s main event. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer for the evening.

Timmy Danger, Adam Revolver, and OUR OVW Co-Senior Official Josh Ashcraft come out. Danger’s Very Important Thing to Say is that he is not in a good mood since Revolver does not have the TV title and “the boss” is not pleased. Danger notes that the TV title was defended at a non-televised event and asks Ashcraft how he will right the wrong. Ashcraft calls out Melvin, saying it takes a very special order by OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis to make such an order in the first place (which he did last week). Ashcraft has some footage shown from Austin where Revolver had won the match but OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash came out to call shenanigans and ordered the match restarted after he slugged Ashcraft. The restarted match was null and void according to Ashcraft, who orders Melvin to hand over the belt. Melvin refuses as OUR Other OVW Co-Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe comes out to the ring. Sharpe reluctantly agrees with Ashcraft, noting that TPT overstepped his bounds by calling for the restart. Melvin hands the belt back and decks Revolver before leaving. Revolver gloats, saying Melvin has to go to the back of the line but Sharpe makes a TV title match for right now with himself as ref and against the next man in line for the TV title!

Match #1: OUR OVW TV Champion Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger) vs Randy Terrez
Terrez throws Revolver around then chops away on him before setting up for the Whiplash. Revolver pushes him away and rolls out as Danger gets on the apron, which allows Revolver to circle around and clobber Terrez from behind. Terrez quickly recovers and does a tenpunch but Revolver blocks the Whiplash again and goes to the apron to chat with Danger. Terrez slingshots him back in but Danger grabs Terrez’ leg and Revolver attacks. Revolver suplexes then drags Terrez by the hair over to the apron and elbows him upside the head. Back in, Revolver stomps and covers Terrez for 2. Terrez fires up on Revolver and hits the Whiplash for 2 but Ashcraft wanders to ringside to pull Sharpe away from the count. The refs argue as Terrez hits a spinning heel kick for a cover but no count. Revolver unleashes the Chained Fist on Terrez. Sharpe sees this and reluctantly counts the pin and there was not much rejoicing.

There is a close-up of a flame as a voice says that all of us are refined by fire, and that while it may bring destruction it also brings peace. We see “Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles talking to someone who is dressed similar to him. The someone is hesitant but Miles tells him to just believe as Miles lays a hand on his forehead.

Match #2: “Psychedelic Superstar” Chris Silvio (w/Mary Jane!) vs Dapper Dan
Mary Jane and Silvio are wearing like theatre masks and are flanked by two guys in the same masks, referred to as “Team Tye Dye”. One of the anonymous new refs is in charge here as Silvio wrestles with a bandanna on. Silvio ducks and jabs but Dan pops him in the jaw. Titus thinks Mary Jane could use some DDP Yoga! Dan squashes Silvio in the corner as Dean recaps some highlights of Silvio’s OVW career. Dan misses a splash and Silvio comes off the top with a double axehandle then follows it up with the Rocket Punch for the pin.
Dean likes having Mary Jane back (as do I).
Gilbert is at ringside with Silvio, who says he has been on a spiritual journey for the past 18 months but is now back in the game. Silvio says he has been here for 7 years and has travelled around the world but has never been OVW Champion. Silvio wants to win the title and complete his destiny although he considers OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia a good friend. He says soon the two will give the people the best match and afterwards they will shake hands and they will call Silvio “champion”! Silvio says he is not here to challenge Jamin but to beat him.

Sharpe and Ashcraft have a confrontation in the back as each asks the other what their problem is. Ashcraft then says he ain’t got time for this since he has to go ref the next match-Paredyse vs Marcus Anthony.
In the next room, Mary Jane is watching Silvio doing the “Standing Split” position from DDP Yoga although he is able to pull his hands off the floor (I haven’t quite gotten to that point yet). Jamin walks up to say hey. Silvio thanks Jamin for looking out for him while he was out and now that he’s back, he’ll look out for Jamin. Silvio says when Jamin is done with Danger’s bunch, he would like a title shot. Jamin tells Silvio to talk to Danny Davis and if he approves, then Jamin is OK with it.

Match #3: Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) vs Paredyse
So Ashcraft is the ref here as Gilbert reminds us that Anthony has a title shot against Jamin on 6/28 in Elizabethtown, KY. Paredyse stays at arm’s length from Anthony but does manage to reach around and smack him on the butt a couple of time. Anthony charges but misses Paredyse and hits the ringpost then Paredyse goes up top and comes off with the Hot Seat but Anthony catches him to attempt a powerbomb. Paredyse fights out of this and flips Anthony, who rolls out. Titus opines that Danger is not spending enough time scouting his charges’ opponents. Paredyse dives out but Anthony catches him and rams him into the apron. Anthony picks him up again but can’t hang on and gets shoved into the ringpost. Anthony picks him up again, carries him around the ring, and throws him into another post before chucking him back in. Anthony gives a Samoan drop for 2 1/2 but Paredyse comes off with a sunset flip although Ashcraft counts the two a little slow for Gilbert’s taste. Anthony sets Paredyse up for a superplex but gets dispatched via the Kiss of Death. Paredyse comes off with the Hot Seat for like a five count as Ashcraft is mysteriously drawn to Danger. Ashcraft turns to see Paredyse rolling up Anthony but again counts a really slow 2. Anthony arises to lock in the Crimson Omen and Ashcraft immediately calls for the bell.

Match #4: The Body Guy (w/Big John Body) vs Rump Thump
The Body Brigade is again missing “Bodacious” Bobby Black! The other anonymous new ref is in charge here as Body Guy takes the mic. He introduces himself and Big John Body, who has screwed up every one of their matches since the last Saturday Night Special. Body guy says he hasn’t given up on Big John yet, reminding us that he trained Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus! Body Guy adds that he himself is a champion, telling Big John to watch and learn since he doesn’t anticipate having any trouble with RT.
RT comes to the ring and Body Guy asks him if he used to come out dressed as Steve Urkel. RT’s reply is a punch in the face followed by a headbutt and a backdrop. Body Guy reverse whips RT into the ropes as Big John pulls down the top rope and RT hits the floor. Back in, Body Guy stomps, suplexes, and twists the head of RT as Gilbert mentions that RT had a knee injury that kept him out of action but still hung around OVW to learn and perfect his craft. RT rolls up Body Guy for 2 but misses a splash then Body Guy calls for Big John to again pull the top rope down. This time it’s Body Guy that flies out to the floor! Body Guy makes his way back in to receive RT’s Rump Thump and get pinned.

“Reluctant Marauder” Clint Poe is in the back where Shiloh Jonze is reminding him that he screwed up last week and he is supposed to obey Jonze, who will get a title shot if he beats Jamin Olivencia tonight. Jonze walks off as Poe smirks.

Match #5: Shiloh Jonze (w/”Marksman” Nick Dumeyer & “Reluctant Marauder” Clint Poe) vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Jonze makes Poe take off the “Big Country” shirt then wipes it on his crotch. Dumeyer tries to set an example for Poe by getting on all fours and allowing Jonze to use him to step into the ring (as opposed to using the ring steps). Sharpe is the ref for this non-title match. Jamin grabs a headlock on the mat and it takes Jonze a while to fight back up to his feet. When he does, he backs Jamin to the corner and chops him twice but the third chop gets blocked as Jamin gets a foot up. Titus leaves Dean and Gilbert speechless by saying Jamin might be the best OVW Champion ever! Jonze ducks out to the apron but Jamin suplexes him back in for 2. Jones whiffs on a leg lariat but manages to slip away from Jamin’s Standing O. Jamin atomic drops Jonze and lariats him to the apron then dropkicks him off. Poe doesn’t bother with catching Jonze so he hits the floor as we go to break.
Back from break, Jamin throws Jonze back in but Dumeyer grabs his leg, allowing Jonze to attack him for a bit. Jamin recovers with a flurry of 200% Offense as Dumeyer comes into the ring wielding a chair. Poe comes in, snatches the chair away, and decks Dumeyer. Meanwhile, Revolver runs out but Jamin gives him a jumping lariat. Jonze sneaks up with a spinning heel kick for 2 as Paredyse runs out to fight with Revolver and they scuffle to the back. Danger wanders out followed by Anthony and as Sharpe is distracted by Danger, Anthony powerbombs Jamin and slips out of the ring. Jonze covers for 2.9 and Anthony wanders in again bit this time Silvio (w/o Mary Jane) runs out and give Anthony the Rocket Punch, sending him out of the ring. Silvio dives out onto Anthony as Jamin hits Jonze with the Standing O for the pin.
Dean says Jamin is going to owe one to Silvio for his assistance. Jamin takes the mic to address Danger and Anthony, reminding them of their little rendezvous in Elizabethtown and that he will walk out as champion! He then tells Danger to bring a partner for Anthony for next week’s TV to take on himself and Silvio! Revolver joins Danger and Anthony as Silvio stands with Jamin in the ring as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: After just kind of hanging there for the past several weeks, the “bickering referees” story gets pushed to the forefront as two matches were affected by it. Maybe this means some progress on this and thus bringing this to a conclusion like a refs chain match or cornbread-on-a-pole or something. Where was Danny Davis this week? I think TPT got suspended for this, so did that also mean that Sharpe and Ashcraft were sort of co-“in-charge” people this week? Why didn’t Jonze go off on Poe right then for not catching him? They are starting to have a eclectic collection of characters here with Silvio and Rump Thump to add to Body Guy, Dapper Dan, Paredyse, et al (where is “Party Starter” Bud Dwight, BTW?) which certainly makes it more entertaining than “two guys in black trunks wrestling each other”. Anyway, I was entertained by all this so I give it like a 45-degree thumbs up.

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