Jun 21, 2014 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Welcome to another round of GERWECK.NET Trivia. We begin as ever with a recap of the previous question.

Q) Who was the only man other than two-time winner Gary Strydom to place in the top 5 at each WBF World Championship event?

A) Berry de Mey

Congratulations to those who answered correctly. Josh Dionio retains his lead, however, Dan Lovato is making inroads. Rory Mehlberg is third, closely followed by Andrew Davis.


This week we are focusing on King of the Ring 1996, the event which arguably launched the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin, following his Austin 3:16 promo. Austin defeated four men in the tournament on his way to victory. I simply want you to tell me who they were.

Also, for a bonus two points, Vader received a bye in the tournament following a double-countout finish between which two competitors?

Just to recap for any new players, you have to answer the first question correctly in order for your bonus answer to be considered

Good luck!

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