6/20 MCW results seaturing Matt Hardy, Rikishi, Christopher Daniels, more

Jun 21, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Maryland Championship Wrestling
Friday Night Fights
June 20, 2014
Greektown Square
701 Ponca Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Over 500 Fans came out for another Big MCW event, this time to benefit the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. “The Shocked Undertaker Guy” Ellis Mbeh was just as shocked at the Non Stop MCW Action as he was when Brock Lesner Broke The Undertaker’s Streak at Wrestlemania 30. He stopped by and had some Fun taking photos with the MCW Stars in the back.

Match #1:
Adam Flash & Ronnie Zukko Defeated Hoss Haood & Bo Nekoda “The Appalachian OutLaws”

Commissioner Kylie Pierce announced that she would be making a Historic Announcement at Shamrock Cup 14 on July 19th.

Match #2:
MCW Rage Championship
Champion Chuck Lennox with Amber Rodriquez defeated Christian York to retain the title

Match #3
Ruckus defeated Ken Dixon

Match #4
Reby Sky defeated Jessie Kaye

Match #5
MCW Tag Team Championship
Black WallStreet’s Champions Napalm & Solo w/ Amber Rodriquez Defeated Rikishi & Nui Tofiga to retain the MCW Tag Team Titles

Match #6
G-Fed, Buck Chyld & Sam Radd defeated JP Calihan’s Stable of Mitch Miller, Paul White and Mustafa Aziz Daniels

Match #7
“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels &” The Greek God” Papadon defeated Sexy Steve & Jimmy Starz “The Hell Cats”.

Match #8
The Bruiser Defeated Black WallStreet’s Drolix w/ Amber Rodriquez via Submission

Match #9
MCW Heavyweight Championship
MCW Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy successfully defended the MCW Title by defeating Ryan McBride accompanied by Head Of Security Ken Dixon, Justin Schlegal & The Hell Cats. McBride got cocky and attempted to take a “Selfie” and it all went downhill for him there. Take a look at “When a Selfie Goes Wrong” Courtesy of Ryan McBride’s Cell Phone

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