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Update on TNA Possibly Changing Rings, What Did Borash Tell Fans at Tonight’s Tapings?

– TNA’s website has announced that they have extended voting on changing the ring back to six-sides from four-sides. They are extending the poll so fans in the UK can watch and vote during Impact on Sunday night. TNA will announce the poll results on Monday night at 7pm EST.

The ring with the winning vote will be transported to the Manhattan Center in New York City for the Impact Wrestling tapings on June 25th, 26th & 27th.

We noted before that Dixie Carter mentioned on Twitter that votes for six-sides were “killing” the traditional four-sides. At tonight’s Impact tapings in Bethlehem, Jeremy Borash told the crowd before the main event that we were likely seeing the last TNA match to take place in a traditional ring.

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  1. Scott II says:

    And that was one of the things that made TNA unique. It was something different to see a 6 sided ring rather than the usual 4 sided one.

  2. Josh says:


  3. zack says:

    @ Josh Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  4. Matt says:

    Structurally is there anything really that much better/worse about the number of sides?

    I remember the cage being more wobbly without the tightness of it all, but to me i don’t really see an actual difference to worry about. A wrestling ring is a wrestling ring regardless of how many sides it has or how much square feet it has.

  5. Roscoe Jones says:

    Matt, listen to AJ Styles interview on Jericho’s podcast. There are differences in the ring that you wouldn’t realize initially but it does affect the way they work. It’s not square footage that matters. A wrestling ring isn’t necessarily a wrestling ring there , hoss.

  6. Scott Grady says:

    When it comes to the ring, there are many factors to take in. How is the frame constructed? When it comes to the wood, do they use sheets of wood or boards? How thick/thin is the padding? What’s used to keep it from moving out of place when guys hit the ropes? What about the ropes themselves? What gives a ring the “spring” that it has when guys take bumps? Now, imagine all of those questions and add two more sides to it.

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