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Waltman: “Dixie get your head out of your ass”

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  1. HardAllDay says:

    Any ring is dangerous when you wrestle on Drugs!! Right X-PAC

  2. TheBlackDiamondKliffHanger says:

    @HardAllDay – Classy.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, no beef here, that’s a reflection of you.


    Stick with the four sides, please.

    Hulk Hogan said it best…
    “Brother, that looks like a playpen.”

  3. Roger says:

    Six sides made tna Hogan and his four have slowly been killing tna. As for wrestling on drugs tell willow hardy that not pac he partied after work.and his main drug was weed.not coke or xtacy or shrooms or pain killers like angle. Hardy was actually strung out on everything I named and leave xpac.rvd.road dogg alone.

  4. LOL says:

    Should have never strayed from what brought them to the game and made hem unique…10 steps backwards!

  5. The Shield says:

    Xpac know the dangers of corners than anyone, they literally ripped him a new one.

  6. Shaun says:

    Headline should read ” Dixie, get your head out of your ass, so I can put my little head in it”. A night in Dixieland headed straight to DVD.

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