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WWE Planning to Announce Several NXT Releases Next Month, More on Major Budget Cuts

– We noted earlier tonight that has confirmed a report that WWE is looking at making more budget cuts in the near future. Word is that NXT is the next target of these cost-cutting measures.

A WWE developmental source noted that the budget for NXT has already been cut in terms of production and post-production. WWE officials will be evaluating the NXT talent roster soon with a number of releases expected to be announced in July.

WWE is reportedly “staggering” the cuts so they appear to be fiscally responsible to Wall Street and so they don’t set off major internal panic.

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  1. robert says:

    I don’t get why they would cut NXT people. NXT is a goldmine. If they have to cut people then do it to more people just sitting around collecting a check or better yet let Rey go like he wants, let Punk go. Both probably get big checks but don’t want to be involved with the company right now. They could cut useless mid card talents and bring up the NXT stars with a smaller pay.

  2. Jamie says:

    All because of that 350 whatever million dollars lost.

  3. trypz says:

    I’m OK with the NXT Releases if Mojo Rawley is released. He has nothing going for him at all.

  4. Daniel says:

    Get rid of:

    Del Rio
    Byron Saxton (he’s terrible)
    Alex Riley (no need for him if he isn’t going to wrestle)
    David Otunga
    El Torito (stupid gimmick)
    Great Khali
    Rosa Mendes


  5. Officer Oidar says:

    Any release in WWE at the moment is going to have some outcry but can we please cut the NXT guys who are getting nowhere important like Troy McClain, Angelo Dawkins, Travis Tyler, etc..?

    The fact we still have those three yet lost some of the last main and NXT roster cuts are quite a bit confusing.

    Also to be fair I would expect them to cut at least one of the not yet debuted people. I think we all remember WWE cutting people they had re-signed yet not re-debuted yet for budget cuts in the past. So i would not be surprised if a few of them get knocked off to save money.

    However seriously they need to let Punk go already. He left, stop holding a spot for him to come crawling back, you could probably keep three NXT guys that could be the next CM Punk instead.

    I’d say keep Rey a little longer until they really get rolling or Sin Hunico and/or Kalisto. Then Rey can go bye bye and wrestle in Mexican independents like so many before him do.

  6. Pete says:

    WWE needs to tighten up no doubt but to let talents like Slater and Saxton go would be a mistake. Both talents are diversely talented as Slater makes everyone he is in the ring with look like a million dollars. Saxton is top notch on commentary for NXT and Main Event and does ring announcing on the WWE house shows.

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