Uproar Pro Wrestling “Conquest” Results featuring Jay Lethal

Jun 14, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

On Friday June 13th UPROAR Pro Wrestling presented Conquest at the Verizon Event Center, 8718 Trouble Creek Rd (corner of Little Rd) in New Port Richey, FL. The event was presented by: Disparti Law Group, Advanced Laser & Skin Care Center of New Port Richey, Eckerd Raising Hope, Kaze Media Website and Graphic Design and Bryant PC Support.

In an exclusive VIP fans only match, in an open challenge match, Leva Bates (as Jason Vorhees) defeated Edward Malken via countout. Malken substituted for the injured Dynamite Didi.

(1) In an UPROAR Pro Wrestling championship tournament match, Alex Chamberlain defeated Oliver Cain (w/ “the Manager of Champions” Evan Starsmore).

This was Cain’s first match under the tutelage of Mr. Starsmore and early on he didn’t fare too well against Chamberlain. Chamberlain stretched Cain out and then tossed him around the ring. After a huge bodyslam, Chamberlain locked in a front facelock going for the submission but Cain made it to the ropes and then the floor. After a chat with Starsmore, Cain entered the ring via a slingshot from Chamberlain. Chamberlain went to end the match but Starsmore distracted him long enough for Cain to hit a superkick. Cain and Starsmore went to work on Chamberlain’s upper body. Chamberlain fought back and hit a suplex which got Starsmore on the apron once more. Cain and Starsmore nearly collided but they stopped just short. Chamberlain went for a suplex but Cain hit him with a kick that sent the action to the floor where Cain followed with a tope’. Cain went for a top rope bodyblock but Chamberlain caught him and hit a powerslam for the win.

Uproar announcer Nick Thorne brought out the Misled Youth (Jude McKenzie & Josh Rayne) for interview time they requested. The last time the Youth were in the Verizon Center, it went bad for the office personnel. Jude spoke to the fans about his positive attitude change. After he apologized to Nick, he asked for Uproar official Jaison Moore who he attacked on a previous show. Mr. Moore came out and Jude thanked him for allowing the Youth the time to be in Uproar. After a group hug things seemed cool, until “Last Rockstar” Eddie Graves, Raymod Snow & Aaron Agony came to ringside. Graves couldn’t stop bragging about how he “cleanly” won the Fast Track Battle Royal. The fans chanted “Hello Kitty” at the trio. Mr. Thorne asked why Agony gave up his Battle Royal spot but Graves cut him off. McKenzie stopped the bragfest which made Snow a bit angry. McKenzie called the trio out for a match but Graves passed only until Moore called him out too for a six man match later tonight!

(2) In an UPROAR Pro Wrestling championship tournament match, London Vice of Heartbreak Enterprises (w/ “Superstar” Sean Davis, Maxx Stardom & Michael Patrick) defeated “Fire Breathing Monster” Torcher.

The referee warned Davis and his clan about behaving at ringside before the match began. Despite being an accomplished wrestler, Vice was out matched in size and strength, so he tried to finesse his way to victory. Vice went for a test of strength but that backfired big time. Instead Vice raked Torcher’s eyes and used other questionable tactics. But a cross bodyblock resulted in a fallaway slam. Vice recovered to hit a dropkick but Torcher hit a bodyblock of his own. Davis saw his client in trouble so he went into action, getting the referee’s attention. That allowed Patrick to use brass knuckles and Stardom to hit a superkick. Torcher was out cold as the referee turned around to see Vice on top for the pinfall win.

(3) In an UPROAR Pro Wrestling championship tournament match, Shawn Prime defeated “Mr. Opportunity” Jayson Falcone.

Prime wasted no time in using his power to his advantage tossing Falcone around the ring. He also used some chokes and head shots. The fans booed as he choked Falcone out on the ropes. But Falcone fought back kicking Prime in the face followed by a running elbow. Falcone went up top and came off with a cross bodyblock or two. Falcone went for a move but Prime hit him with a running forearm followed by boots to the face. Prime got dangerously close to a DQ when he choked Falcone out on the ropes for a third time. Falcone fought back but he was hit with a spinebuster.But Prime focused on the fans instead of Falcone who knocked Prime down. But his top rope move was countered into a muscle buster that allowed Prime to win.

(4) “Last Rockstar” Eddie Graves, Aaron Agony & “Man in Black” Raymond Snow defeated Misled Youth (Jude McKenzie & Josh Rayne) & Jaison Moore.

I will admit as a writer, it was awkward to see the fans cheering for the Youth but they have major hatred for Graves and his entourage. Agony started against McKenzie but he called for Moore and he got him followed by Rayne who took the action to the mat. Agony had the chance to tag out but Graves claimed “he hasn’t earned it” so Agony got beat up some more. The trio continued to beat up Agony but he wouldn’t stay down. Rayne went up top but thanks to Snow & Graves, he ended up crotched on the top buckle. Finally Graves tagged in and went to work on the injured Rayne with legal and some illegal moves. Things got dangerous when the near 400 pound Snow tagged in and he beat Rayne from one side of the ring to the other. The evil trio made legal and illegal tags beating Rayne into near unconsciousness but he managed to hit a tornado DDT and tag out to Moore. Graves and Snow appeared like they were going to bail so Moore tossed Agony out to them then Rayne followed with a tope’. Moore and the Youth thought they had things in control, but Snow came in and laid all three out as Shawn Prime came out and dragged Moore to the back. Graves ordered Snow drop McKenzie and let him get the pin. So Snow did what he was ordered to as the fans booed loudly.

(5) In an UPROAR Pro Wrestling championship tournament match, “The Upgrade” Mike Reed defeated Shayne Swyft.

Reed didn’t wait for Swyft to finish greeting his fans as he attacked him on the floor. Once in the ring Reed was sent to the floor after Swyft recovered. Swyft followed with a splash dive and kept the offense going until Reed cut off a second rope move. Reed went to work using power moves to wear out the smaller Swyft. But the fans kept cheering for one half of the FanBoys and that gave him energy to keep fighting. Swift hit an enziguri followed by several spin kicks to Reed. But Reed ducked a kick and hit a spinning power bomb for two. Swyft shook off the cobwebs and hit a spinning kick but Reed hit him with a running knee to the head for two. Reed went to end it but Swyft hit a Frankensteiner for two. Swyft went up top but his facebuster got only two. Swyft went for a wheel barrel move but Reed countered into a spinning facebuster of his own to get the pinfall win.

(6) In an UPROAR Pro Wrestling championship tournament match, ROH World TV champion Jay Lethal defeated Maxx Stardom of Heartbreak Enterprises (w/ “Superstar” Sean Davis).

Stardom appeared a little in awe of the current ROH World TV champion despite his manager’s confidence level. Stardom was taken to the mat so he bailed to the floor to the welcome arms of Davis. Once back in the ring Stardom tried to speed things up but Lethal stopped that with a chest chop and a springboard dropkick. Lethal went to hit a running tope’ to the floor but Davis tripped him and it allowed Stardom to take over. Lethal struggled to his feet as Stardom hit him with several moves and tossed Lethal to the floor. Davis was awaiting him and he splashed Lethal into the ringpost. Stardom’s confidence was now sky high as he drove Lethal’s face into the canvas. Lethal was sent to the floor again but this time he avoided Davis’ splash. Lethal entered the ring and took over on Stardom with several high impact moves. Lethal went for a corner move but Stardom hit a kick. Lethal fought off a move into the Lethal Combination for two. Stardom avoided the Lethal Injection and after several counters, he hit Lethal with a clothesline for two. Stardom went up top to end it but Lethal hit a counter move and hit the Lethal Injection to win.

(7) Michael Patrick of Heartbreak Enterprises (w/ “Superstar” Sean Davis, London Vice & Maxx Stardom) fought “the Throwback” Leo Brien to a double DQ.

To call this a grudge match would be light; this was a fight from the opening bell with Brien controlling the tempo. Patrick tried to fight back but Brien took him down into an armbar. Brien went for a corner move but he only hit turnbuckle. This allowed Patrick some time to recover and drop a knee on Brien’s head. Patrick locked in a chinlock but Brien fought to his feet, only to be knocked down by a knee to the gut. Patrick hit a powerdrive elbow but got two. Patrick locked in an abdominal stretch with the referee’s view blocked and it allowed for a quadruple team move. Brien fought to his feet and tagged Patrick with body shots but Patrick countered with a corner splash. He put Brien on the top rope and went for a superplex but Brien blocked it and hit a headbutt. Davis and Vice occupied the referee and it allowed for a double and then triple team. But Torcher hit the ring to even things out. Uproar officials decided they had enough and on the spot signed Torcher vs. Michael Patrick on August 2nd and if Torcher wins, he gets Sean Davis for five minutes! Patrick and Davis conferred for a moment and Davis agreed, but countered with the stipulation if Torcher loses he must retire!!

The next Uproar Wrestling show is August 2nd “Clash of Heroes” where you will see the crowning of the inaugural Uproar Wrestling champion. Log onto www.UproarWrestling.com

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