Jun 14, 2014 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Welcome to another round of GERWECK.NET trivia. As always, we start with a recap of last week’s question

Q) Who were Johnny Hotbody’s partners when he won the ECW Tag Team Titles?

A) Chris Michaels and Chris Candido

Congratulations to those who answered correctly. On account of a run of first answers, Josh Dionio is opening up a bit of a lead over Dan Lovato and Rory Mehlberg


This week, we are looking at Vince McMahon’s failed World Bodybuilding Federation. The promotion held two ‘World Championship’ events in 1991 and 1992, both of which were won by Gary Strydom. Can you name the only other man who placed in the top five at both events?

Good luck!

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