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Jun 8, 2014 - by staff

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 772 that will be aired in Louisville on 6/7 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/772

A clip from last week’s main event is shown where Melvin Maximus slams Marcus Anthony then locks him in the deadly bearhug. Dylan Bostic and Roberto DeLuna attack Melvin for the DQ but the Skywalkers come out followed by Paredyse and then Jamin Olivencia to put a stop to all that.

In the back Timmy Danger is talking to DeLuna, Bostic, and Anthony. Adam Revolver comes in the door fresh off his meeting with “the boss” and tells them that “the boss” is displeased with the groups’ unsatisfactory performance as of late. Revolver tells them that he has a match with Jamin Olivencia tonight with the only objective being to take Jamin out! Revolver adds that “the boss” says that constant screwups are management’s fault, which makes Danger nervous.

After the show opening, we go to OUR OVW Announce Team of Gilbert Corsey, Michael Titus, and the returning Dean Hill. Shannon the Dude serves as OUR OVW Ring Announcer as all roads are leading to the 6/7 Saturday Night Special.

Match #1: Shiloh Jonze (w/”Marksman” Nick Dumeyer) vs Randy Terrez
One of the still-unidentified new refs is in charge here as Gilbert briefs Dean about Terrez’ expanded repertoire. Terrez does some armworking mixed in with a couple of tiltawhirls and tries to set up for the Whiplash (twisting fishermans suplex) but Jonze escapes. Terrez hurdles Jonze but Dumeyer pulls down the top rope so Terrez gets hung up and rolls out. Jonze follows and rams Terrez into the apron before rolling him back in. Jonze pounds on Terrez and suplexes him twice as Gilbert notes that Tony Gunn had surgery this past week due to his beating by the Marauders at the May Saturday Night Special. Jonze butterflies the arms for a bit but Terrez flips away from a suplex try. Terrez again goes for the Whiplash but Dumeyer is up on the apron. “Big Country” Clint Poe runs out and decks Dumeyer while Terrez hits a matrix punch and Whiplashes Jonze for the pin.
Poe is pleased although we are reminded that at SNS if Poe loses to Jonze, he must re-join the Marauders.

Match #2: Jake Glasure vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Joe Wheeler has dropped by to ref this match. Glasure can’t pick Melvin up, so Melvin picks him up and slams him. Melvin comes charging out of a three-point stance and shoulderblocks Glasure. Melvin then applies the deadly bearhug and that’s that.
Gilbert is at ringside with Melvin and asks how his recent success and popularity feel. Melvin says it feels great then mentions how Danger International, especially that “pissant” Revolver, wants to target people. Melvin says Revolver has to use a litany of illegal methods to defeat him, and then invites him to “come get it”.

Clip from last week of the Body Guy pinning Leon Shelly as Big John fetches a table and sets it up for the purpose of putting Shelly through it. OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash and Flash Flanagan run out with kendo sticks and attack Body Guy, Big John, and “Bodacious” Bobby Black. Flash puts Body Guy on the table as TPT climbs up top but Body Guy escapes in the nick of time.
Back to the announce table, it is mentioned that TPT/Flash will take on the Body Brigade in a TLC match at SNS. Dean says that is the kind of match that can end careers, adding that TPT and Flash opposed each other in one that was the wildest match he ever saw. Titus says the Body Brigade is younger and will do their homework, thus they will emerge triumphant. Also at SNS is Lei’d Tapa defending the ladies title in a three-way with Jessie Belle and Mary Elizabeth Monroe. There are also the Skywalkers (Aaron Sky & Robbie Walker) defending the tag titles against former champs Dylan Bostic & Roberto DeLuna. Dean is complimentary of the Skywalkers.

OVW Live Events: Austin, IN 6/14, Morehead, KY 6/21, Elizabethtown, KY 6/28.

Match #3: J Best vs Rump Thump
Rump Thump is the repackaged Stephon J Baxter III and comes out to “Celebration”, leading Dean to say that he is a combination of Koko B. Ware and Junkyard Dog. The same ref from the first match is in charge here. It’s also noted that Rump Thump/Baxter is returning after an injury. After getting blocked down by Best, RT drop toeholds then dropkicks him. Best gets in a forearm upside the head then kneedrops RT. It is said that Baxter’s rebranding was a result of him tiring of being a nerd, being bullied, and not taken seriously. Dean and Gilbert provide additional perspective by doing Popeye catchphrases. Anyway, Best whiffs on a kneedrop and RT unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks before planting Best into the mat with a running butt bump for the pin.

Match #4: Adam Revolver (w/Danger, Bostic, DeLuna, & Anthony) vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia (w/Paredyse, Sky, and Walker)
“Paragon of Virtue” Joshua Hawk Ashcraft is the ref for this non-title match. Paredyse has a Pebbles Flintstone hairdo! Dean wonders if there is really a boss at all. After some initial exchanges, Revolver offers a handshake but Jamin pulls him into a suplex. They trade chops before Revolver rolls out but he comes face to face with the Skywalkers who throw him back in. Jamin hits a jumping lariat on Revolver but Anthony climbs on the apron. Jamin confronts Anthony which allows Revolver to chopblock him and commence some legworking as we go to break.

During the break, Revolver has worked over Jamin and is stomping him in the corner. Jamin fights out and hits a spinning heel kick then climbs up top. Anthony runs over to push him off and the six wrestlers not in the match begin fighting among themselves. Revolver misses a Chained Fist and Jamin plants him for a cover but Anthony runs in followed by everyone else. Ashcraft is really slow in calling for the DQ.
Revolver and Jamin are sitting in opposite corners while the others brawl. OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis comes out, grabs the bell-ringing apparatus, and brings this to a screeching halt. Davis apologizes to the OVW customers, saying he too is sick of all the interference, adding “Danny Davis does not like that to happen on his television program!” Davis then does some polling to determine who is at fault, and Danger International wins convincingly. Davis makes an 8-man tag match for right now, telling Danger International to get in the ring or they will be suspended. Gilbert loves it when Davis exercises his authority! We go to the final break.

Match #4A: Revolver, Bostic, DeLuna, & Anthony (w/Danger) vs Olivencia, Paredyse, Sky, & Walker
Ashcraft is still the ref as we pick this up with Walker ending up in the Danger International corner. Anthony runs the ropes 4 times and squashes Walker in the corner. Walker blocks a Revolver suplex and rolls him up for 2 but Revolver uses the hairpull takedown. Ashcraft has to remind Paredyse about illegal participation as the Danger crew takes turns beating on Walker. Bostic grabs an upside-down full nelson on Walker but misses a kneedrop. Sky tags in and Bostic receives a double Skywalker suplex followed by a Walker legdrop and a Sky elbow drop for 2. Paredyse tags in to butt bump Bostic and give DeLuna the Keister to the Kisser! Paredyse kicks Bostic and Deluna, then legsweeps Revolver, and all four Dangers are outside the ring. Paredyse dives out toward them but Anthony catches him with one arm and rams him into the apron. Anthony rolls Paredyse back in and Bostic covers him for 2. Paredyse tries to fight out of the Danger corner but Revolver spinebusters him and the beatings continue. The Dangers roll Paredyse out and beat on him outside as Ashcraft has to remind Jamin, Sky, and Walker about illegal participation. Paredyse gets rolled back in and Bostic picks him up but falls under him for a slow two count. Paredyse then rolls up DeLuna but another slow count by Ashcraft makes Dean say that even Frank Morrell counts faster! Paredyse escapes an Anthony powerbomb try and a Revolver slam try to tag Jamin. Anthony tags in as well but gets hit with a jumping lariat. Jamin covers Anthony but it’s everybody in the pool! We end up with Jamin and Anthony alone in the ring but Danger climbs on the apron and Jamin grabs him. Revolver hits Jamin with the Chained Fist then Anthony applies the Crimson Omen on him. Ashcraft immediately calls for the bell.
There is much consternation about this so Davis returns, grabbing Ashcraft by the shirt and dragging him into the ring. Davis doesn’t know if Ashcraft is on the take or if somebody is telling him what to do but he will find out. Davis then suspends Ashcraft indefinitely as he has embarrassed the referees in OVW. Davis then tells Jamin that he can get his hands on the two that caused him problems tonight (Anthony & Revolver) at SNS in a tag match. Davis brings out Melvin as Jamin’s partner. Davis also notes that Jamin will defend his title against Anthony on 6/28 in Elizabethtown. Gilbert wonders if “the boss” will be in person at SNS as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I read that OVW had a fair show in Russell Springs, KY on the same night that this show was taped. I’m wondering if “the boss” is maybe Ted McNaler, who maybe would have hit it big in gambling and is funding Danger International? Anyway, this was fine to set things up for SNS (which will have already happened by the time you read this) and I’ll give this a 45-degree thumbs up.

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