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Knockouts share a kiss

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  1. Straightedge Shooter says:

    So hot and sexy <3

  2. getting desperate arn't they says:

    getting desperate aren’t they…didn’t WWE already do this

  3. Steve says:

    That’s real trashy

  4. Beavis says:


  5. DBRude says:

    Velvet Skye is in the wrong line of work.

  6. LOL says:

    Houston WE HAVE LIFTOFF!!!

  7. Shaun says:

    Which one of them will wear the strap on. Actually, when I think about it, who cares.

  8. Daniel says:

    LOL at the guy’s hand…

  9. TheBlackDiamondKliffHanger says:

    If anybody finds this ANYTHING besides desperate for attention….you are sadly mistaken.

    This is … so second rate, so trashy, so desperate, so backfiring, so sad.

    Two nobodies kissing for “mainstream attention” = a bunch of us wrestling enthusiasts talking about it on, reading each others comments, and forgetting this within a few hours.

  10. Paul Levesque AKA HHH says:

    Female Wrestlers who would probably make a killing money wise if they did some porn:

    Velvet Sky (Lesbian stuff & Anal)
    Mickie James (Anal & more Anal some lesbian stuff with a blonde chick)

    Weirdly Velvets porn career could pretty much mimic her wrestling career. Shakes her ass, ass highlights, and lesbian stuff.

    But Mickie James and Trish Stratus would be massive if they did one together. Especially involving that stalker lesbian gimmick.

    10/10 Vince would fap to this.

  11. Paul Levesque AKA HHH says:

    Vince i think we should secretly fund TNA like we did with ECW.

    Vince: Why would i do that Paul

    Because im the Game and i want to tell Velvet Sky my catchphrase. Suck It!

    100% my creation, i invented Chris Jericho, who is Dwayne Johnson, Stone Cold never drew as much as me, i am that damn good, Randy fetch my Shovel im gonna bury this sombitch. There is only one HHH im better than Hulk Hogan better than Sammartino better than Shawn better than Bret im the best better than CM Spunk.

    Stephanie: ok sure you are honey now pull out and shoot all over my fake boobs.

  12. Paul Levesque AKA HHH says:

    Im the game and the only way to get a job here is to job here!

    but since she cant wrestle she can do a different job.

    We dont want Taryn back though even Vince thought she was too trashy.

    Plus Stephanie knows i did her in the butt with KY Jelly. The Rock told me to do it steph!

    Steph: well i screwed macho man and liked it!

  13. boogeyman says:

    HLA!!! Eazy E would be so proud

  14. T says:

    and yet you clicked on the link and commented?

  15. art123guy says:

    “getting desperate aren’t they…didn’t WWE already do this”

    Yes, WWE invented women kissing so TNA is OBVIOUSLY copying them.

  16. Joseph says:

    I am all for two women making out but this is nothing.

  17. TheBlackDiamondKliffHanger says:

    @Joseph = Exactly.

    Sell wrestling, not full on garbage stunts.

    Get A Network.

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