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Jun 5, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

The Montreal Screwjob was in 1997 and yet it is still the most talked about event in wrestling history. Books have been written by Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and others where the event is a chapter or two. Several DVD makers have done projects on the event. But what if it never happened and Bret Hart was allowed to exit WWF in January of 1998 without any screwjob, but by just finishing out his bookings and storyline with Michaels. That is the basis of Sean Oliver’s latest KAYFABE COMMENTARIES GUEST BOOKER release with former WWF/UWF/TNA creative team member and former talent relations office member BRUCE PRICHARD. The DVD is subtitled SCREWING BRET.

As you will find out in the opening segments of the presentation, Mr. Pritchard has been working in wrestling since the early 1980’s with the legendary Paul Boesch and Houston Wrestling. He was part of the WWF for 20 plus years as Brother Love and a trusted member of the McMahon booking team and office staff. Also covered is his recent “fun” working for Dixie Carter and TNA Wrestling. Usually in the opening segments, Sean Oliver asks the Booker about their background and influences when they do have the pen. With Pritchard it involves creating characters in the 1990’s WWF in addition to transitioning to the Attitude Era. We get the answers to why Terry Taylor is remembered as the Red Rooster and nothing else plus how “Wild” Bill Irwin became the Goon.

As far as the actual booking segment, it lasts about 25 minutes. But it is an entertaining and educational 25 minutes where Pritchard drops a name from WCW that was in talks to come to WWF at the time Hart was on his way out. Pritchard then uses that person to create a booking scenario from Survivor Series 1997 to Royal Rumble 1998. Overall the interview segment is the best part of the DVD. I have seen other projects that interviewed Mr. Pritchard about his career but Sean managed to get some stories I had never heard. The booking process could have been longer but that would have taken away from the interview. It’s a mixed bag for the viewer.

Next to be released by is Timeline: History of ECW 2000-2001 with Justin Credible (June 3) Breaking Kayfabe with Troy Martin (June24) and Timeline: History of the WWE 1992 with Bret “Hitman” Hart in the summer. In addition to reviewing pro wrestling themed DVD’s and books since 2001, Alan Wojcik also covers several wrestling promotions throughout the United States. Be sure to check out & Follow him on Twitter @MyNameIsWojcik

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