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WWE Payback Kickoff kicks off from the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois, and Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show. The expert panel tonight is made up of Booker T, Kofi Kingston, and Alex Riley. “CM Punk” chants start almost immediately as the panelists talk about the Mask vs. Hair Match between El Torito and Hornswoggle. Kingston says he wants to see a bald Hornswoggle, while Riley wants to see El Torito get unmasked. Mathews previews the No Holds Barred Elimination Tag Team Match between Evolution and The Shield, and we see a replay of the brawl to end Raw this past Monday night. We then take a look back to the fight between Hornswoggle and El Torito on Raw, where Hornswoggle ripped Torito’s tail off.

We go backstage and we see El Torito getting pumped up with Los Matadores, and then we see Hornswoggle warming up with 3MB. We then see the video footage of The Wyatt Family attacking Jerry Lawler on Raw before John Cena and The Usos made the save. We now see the footage of Stephanie McMahon’s ultimatum for Daniel Bryan. Tonight, will be surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, or will his wife, Brie Bella, be fired?

We go backstage and Byron Saxton is with Nikki Bella. Nikki says she has not spoken to Brie or Daniel, but she knows Brie loves the WWE and loves Daniel as well. We go back to the expert panel and Booker says the best thing for Bryan is for Brie to be fired.

Hair vs. Mask Match: El Torito (w/Los Matadores) vs. Hornswoggle (w/3MB)

Hornswoggle decks Torito with a right hand and tries to rip his mask off, but Torito comes back and takes Hornswoggle down with a shoulder tackle. Torito takes Hornswoggle down with a dropkick and then drops him with an airplane spin, and both men are woozy. They clock heads and then fall to the mat. Hornswoggle gets up and goes for the splash, still woozy, and completely misses. Torito takes Hornswoggle down with a spin kick and goes for the cover, but Hornswoggle kicks out at two and tosses Torito into referee Charles Robinson’s arms. Hornswoggle argues with the referee and Torito spears him out of the ring. Torito grabs the shears and goes after Slater, but Hornswoggle knocks him off of the apron. Hornswoggle slams Torito into the ring post and then tosses him back into the ring. 3MB and Los Matadores fight on the outside while the match continues in the ring. Hornswoggle flies through the ropes and takes everyone down on the outside. Torito takes Slater down with a head-scissors. Torito slams Hornswoggle in the corner and then delivers the Bronco Buster. Hornswoggle counters with a powerbomb and goes for the cover, but Torito kicks out at two. Hornswoggle goes for the mask and rips it off, but there is another mask underneath it. Torito takes Hornswoggle down with a springboard and gets the pin fall.
Winner: El Torito.
After the match, EL Torito and Los Matadores shave Hornswoggle’s head.

We see a Exclusive where Rybaxel approach Cody Rhodes and Goldust and make fun of them for losing. We go backstage and we see the Rhodes Brothers. Apparently, we will see Rhodes Brothers vs. Rybaxel tonight. We go back to the expert panel, where Booker T tells Kofi Kingston he is going one-on-one with Bo Dallas tonight.

We see the opening video package for Payback, narrated by Maleficent, which focuses on the top feuds for the evening, and then we go live into the Rosemont Horizon where Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and John Bradshaw Layfield welcome us to the show.

WWE United States Championship Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman)

The match starts off with a brawl and Sheamus takes the early advantage with a big clothesline. Cesaro comes back and slams Sheamus down to the mat. Cesaro kick Sheamus into the corner and then delivers some rights and lefts. Sheamus counters Cesaro and delivers some clubbing blows against the ropes. Sheamus drops Cesaro with a clothesline and then kicks him in the back. Sheamus slams Cesaro down to the mat and goes for an elbow drop, but Cesaro moves out of the way. Cesaro kicks Sheamus in the face and takes him to the corner. Cesaro connects with a few European uppercuts, but Sheamus counters with a rolling senton. Sheamus gets Cesaro on the apron, but Cesaro drapes Sheamus’ throat over the top rope. Sheamus gets Cesaro back into the ring and then places him on the apron again. Sheamus connects with the ten clubbing blows to Cesaro’s chest and then delivers another set of ten. Sheamus goes to the floor after Cesaro and slams him into the barricade. Sheamus tosses Cesaro back into the ring and goes for the ten clubs again, but Cesaro counters. Sheamus goes for the Battering Ram, but Cesaro counters with an uppercut that sends Sheamus down to the floor. Cesaro slams Sheamus into the ring post and then superplexes him back into the ring. Cesaro goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Cesaro slams Sheamus down to the mat again and goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Cesaro tosses Sheamus into the corners and delivers a series of uppercuts. Cesaro goes for another, but Sheamus counters and drops Cesaro with the Irish Curse back-breaker. Sheamus goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Sheamus goes up top and drops a knee onto Cesaro’s chest. Sheamus does it again, and goes for a third. He connects again and goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Cesaro comes back and drops Sheamus with an uppercut and goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Sheamus goes back to the top and jumps, but Cesaro moves. Cesaro catches Sheamus with the big uppercut and goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Sheamus comes back and slams Cesaro down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Cesaro ducks underneath and connects with the German suplex. Cesaro goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Sheamus counters into White Noise. Sheamus goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Sheamus goes for the Cloverleaf, but Cesaro fights free. Cesaro jumps towards Sheamus, but Sheamus catches him and slams him to the mat. Sheamus locks in the Cloverleaf submission hold, but Cesaro gets to the bottom rope. Cesaro elbows Sheamus and then slams him down to the mat. Cesaro goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Cesaro gets Sheamus on the mat and then puts Sheamus in the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Sheamus gets him in a roll-up and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Sheamus.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Rybaxel (Curtis Axel and Ryback)

Axel and Goldust start the match out and Axel backs Goldust into the corner. Goldust delivers a right hand and then hits Axel with an inverted atomic drop. Goldust takes Axel down with an arm-drag and then tags in Rhodes. Axel comes back and decks Rhodes with a right hand and then tags in Ryback. Rhodes gets free and tags in Goldust and Ryback tags in Axel. Axel takes Goldust down and goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at two. Axel tags in Ryback, who slams Goldust down to the mat. Ryback drives a knee into Goldust from the ropes and tags in Axel. Axel does the same and goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at two. Axel tags Ryback back into the match, and he works over Goldust’s arm in the ropes. Ryback suplexes Goldust and goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at two. Ryback tags in Axel, but Goldust takes advantage. Goldust and Axel take each other down. Goldust tags Rhodes and Axel tags Ryback. Rhodes takes down Ryback and Axel with a moonsault. Rhodes goes for the Disaster Kick on Ryback, but Ryback catches him and slams him into Goldust. Ryback goes for the Meathook clothesline and connects, but Goldust breaks up the count. Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes on Ryback, but Axel breaks up the count. Ryback comes back and hits Rhodes with Shell Shocked and gets the pin.
Winners: Rybaxel.
After the match, Rybaxel celebrate their win and there is more dissension in the ranks of the Rhodes Brothers. Rhodes asks for a microphone. Rhodes says Goldust needs a better tag team partner than him and leaves the ring.

Big E vs. Rusev (w/Lana)

Both men come off the ropes and jump into each other, but neither man budges. Big E takes advantage for a second, but then Rusev takes him to the corner and beats him down. Big E comes back and gains some offense before Rusev slams Big E down to the mat. Rusev clubs Big E on the back and then smashes him in the corner. Rusev tries it again, but Big E counters and slams Rusev down to the mat. Big E spears Rusev through the ropes and they both fall to the floor. Big E tosses Rusev back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Rusev kicks out. Big E runs the ropes, but Rusev gets to his feet and kicks Big E in the face. Rusev locks in the Accolade, and Big E taps out.
Winner: Rusev.

We get the video preview for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view next month.

We then see Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella talking backstage.

Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston

As the match starts, Kane’s music hits. Bo leaves the ring and Kofi goes after Kane. Kane sends Kofi to the outside and beats him down. Back in the ring, Kane destroys Kofi with a choke slam. Kane follows that up with a tombstone pile driver. Bo Dallas looks on, terrified, from the outside as the referees check on Kingston. Kane leaves the ring, and Dallas enters the ring. Dallas tells Kingston he will be back and better than ever as long as he “bo-leaves.”

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
They tie up and exchange right hands. RVD sends Barrett off the ropes and takes him down with a spin kick. RVD goes for the cover, but Barrett kicks out at two. RVD connects with an elbow and then a thrust kick and goes for the cover, but Barrett kicks out at two. RVD goes for a spin kick in the corner, but Barrett ducks out of the way and then slams RVD down to the mat. Barrett goes for the cover, but RVD kicks out. RVD catches Barrett with a kick and then sends him to the outside. RVD sends Barrett into the barricade and then slams him into it. RVD tosses Barrett into the crowd and then places him on top of the barricade. RVD connects with the spinning leg drop and he and Barrett are both down on the floor. RVD gets to his feet and tosses Barrett back into the ring. Barrett counters RVD and delivers a stiff kick to the mid-section. Barrett puts RVD on the apron and then drapes his throat over the top rope. Barrett kicks RVD into the barricade and goes out after him. Barrett drops an elbow to RVD from the ring apron. RVD gets back into the ring, and Barrett stomps away on him. Barrett lays RVD across the top rope and clubs him on the back. Barrett kicks RVD in the mid-section and goes for the cover, but RVD kicks out at two. RVD comes back and kicks Barrett in the face, but both men are down. RVD drops Barrett with a couple clotheslines and then takes him to the corner. RVD kicks Barrett in the face again and then drops him down to the mat. RVD connects with Rolling Thunder and then goes up top. RVD goes for the Five-Star, but Barrett moves. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer Elbow, but RVD rolls through and goes for a cover, but Barrett kicks out. Barrett hits the Winds of Change and goes for the cover, but RVD kicks out at two. On the outside, Barrett goes for the Bullhammer, but RVD moves and Barrett hits the ring post. RVD drops Barrett with a DDT in the ring and goes for the cover, but Barrett kicks out at two. Barrett comes back and connects with the Bullhammer and gets the pin fall.
Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett.

We see footage of last Monday’s Raw, where Stephanie McMahon laid down the ultimatum for Daniel Bryan. Will be surrender the title, or will Brie Bella be fired?

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring, and is followed by Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Stephanie asks Bryan if he is going to do the right thing and save his wife’s job. Bryan says this is an opportunity to do the right thing for herself, and gets the crowd to boo Stephanie. Bryan says he wants to give Stephanie the opportunity to change their minds and to do the right thing. The crowd chants “CM Punk,” and Stephanie tells Bryan the fans want him to quit just like CM Punk did. Bryan is about to say something else, but Brie interrupts. Brie tells Stephanie she can’t fire her because she quits. Stephanie laughs, and Brie slaps her across the face. Stephanie leaves the ring and then runs to the back as Bryan and Brie lead the crowd in a “Yes!” chant.

We see the video hype package for the feud between Bray Wyatt and John Cena.

Last Man Standing Match: Bray Wyatt (w/Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) vs. John Cena (w/The Usos)

The Wyatt Family surrounds the ring, but The Usos come out to even the sides.

A brawl ensues and Wyatt takes Cena to the corner. Wyatt delivers a headbutt and then goes to toss Cena to the other corner, but Cena reverses and slams Wyatt into the corner. Cena drops Wyatt with a bulldog, but Wyatt comes back and decks Cena with a right hand. Wyatt drops Cena with an elbow and then headbutts him in the corner. Wyatt charges across the ring and smashes Cena in the corner. Wyatt stands over Cena as Cena drags himself back up. Wyatt dances with Cena and goes for a clothesline, but Cena counters with the shoulder tackle. Cena drops Wyatt with the side slam and then connects with the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the AA, but Wyatt counters and delivers a gut-buster to Cena and the referee begins to count. Cena gets up and goes for the STF on Wyatt, but Wyatt counters and slams Cena down to the mat. Cena gets to his feet at the seven count and Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail. Cena counters, but Wyatt drops him with a huge tackle. Wyatt slams Cena on the ring apron and walks around on the outside. Wyatt gets back into the ring as Cena stands up at 8. Wyatt gets Cena on the top rope, but Cena fights back. Cena headbutts Wyatt down to the mat and connects with the top rope leg drop. Both men are down, but they both get up. Cena slams Wyatt down. Wyatt does his creepy, upside-down stand to get up at 8. Rowan and Harper attack Cena and The Usos gets involved. Harper takes out everyone, and then one of the Usos goes up top and does the same. Wyatt lays Cena out with a chair. Cena goes to the outside, and Wyatt follows. Wyatt swings the chair again, but Cena ducks and Wyatt hits the ring post. Cena grabs the chair and hits Wyatt with it. Wyatt rolls back into the ring. Cena goes to the outside and grabs a table. Cena sets the table in the ring, but Wyatt knocks him down. Cena comes back and goes for the AA, but Wyatt counters and slams Cena through the table. Cena gets up at the eight count as Wyatt gets the steel steps into the ring. Wyatt bounces the steps off of Cena’s skull. Wyatt playes the role of a choir director as the crowd sings “He’s Got the Whole World.” Cena gets back to his feet, but Wyatt stomps on Cena’s head against the steel steps. Wyatt goes to grab the steel chair, but Cena gets to his feet and hits Wyatt with the steel steps. Wyatt gets up at the six count and goes to the outside. Cena throws the steel steps right into Wyatt’s face on the outside and Wyatt is down and out on the outside. Wyatt gets to his feet at the eight count. Cena goes after Wyatt on the outside, but Wyatt hits him with Sister Abigail on the floor. Cena gets to his feet at the seven count. Cena slams Wyatt shoulder-first into the ring post and the referee starts the count. Cena goes after Wyatt, but Wyatt back-body drops Cena onto the steel steps on the floor. Wyatt splashes down onto Cena on the floor. Cena comes back and gets the advantage, but Harper and Rowan attack Cena back in the ring. Harper and Rowan help Wyatt back to his feet. Back in the ring, Harper and Rowan beat down Cena some more. Harper and Rowan try to set up some tables, but The Usos even the odds again. Harper slams a table into one of the Usos. Harper and Rowan set up the tables on the outside, but Jey Uso smashes Erick Rowan through one of them. Harper and Jimmy are up top and Harper suplexes Jimmy through two tables. Cena stalks Wyatt on the outside, but Wyatt smashes Cena through the wall and into the timekeeper’s area. Both men get up at the seven count and Wyatt and Cena brawl into the crowd. Wyatt slams Cena onto the electrical cart, and some pyrotechnics go off. Cena gets Wyatt up and delivers an AA through a black box and then dumps another one on top of Wyatt. Cena stands on top of the two boxes and Wyatt is down for the ten count.
Winner: John Cena.
After the match, Cena celebrates with the Usos before they all walk to the back.

We see another promo for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, which is on Sunday, June 29th, from Boston, Massachusetts.

WWE Divas Championship Match: Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox
Alicia tosses Paige to the outside, but Paige comes right back into the ring. Paige delivers a series of knees to Alicia’s head and then suplexes her down to the mat. Paige goes for the cover, but Alicia kicks out at two. Paige delivers a series of elbows in the corner, and then Alicia rolls to the outside. Paige comes out after Alicia, but Alicia sweeps her leg. Alicia grabs Paige, but Paige slams her into the ring post. Paige goes to the steps, but Alicia drags her down and slams her down on the floor. Alicia tosses Paige back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Paige kicks out. Alicia slams Paige face-first into the mat and then connects with a suplex. Alicia goes for the cover, but Paige kicks out again. Alicia slams Paige down again and goes for the cover, but Paige kicks out yet again. Alicia tosses Paige out to the floor. Paige gets back into the ring and takes Alicia down with a couple clotheslines. Paige tosses Alicia to the corner and then slams her to the mat. Paige locks in the PTO and Alicia taps out.
Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Paige.
After the match, Alicia almost freaks out, but then stops herself, but then ultimately freaks out and stomps on the ring apron and runs to the back.

We go back to the expert panel, minus Kofi Kingston. Booker T talks about Brie Bella slapping Stephanie McMahon and then all three talk about tonight’s main event.

No Holds Barred Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Evolution (Batista, Randy Orton, and Triple H vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins)

An all-out brawl happens right when the bell rings and no one is left in the ring. Batista and Reigns fight on the stage. Ambrose and Orton brawl on the outside. Rollins and Triple H are battling in the crowd. Reigns tosses Batista into the ring and they are the legal men it seems. Reigns works over Batista’s arm and tags in Rollins. Batista turns the momentum and slams Rollins down to the mat. Batista goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out at two. Batista tags in Orton, who gets taken down by Rollins. Rollins tags in Ambrose. Ambrose and Orton battle for a bit and Ambrose goes for a cover, but Orton kicks out at one. Ambrose tags in Reigns, and Orton tags in Batista. Reigns takes Batista down and goes for the cover, but Batista kicks out. Reigns tags in Ambrose, who gets taken down with a spine-buster by Batista. Batista goes for the cover, but Ambrose kicks out at two. Triple H and Reigns get tagged into the match now. Reigns slams Triple H down to the mat and then tags in Ambrose. Ambrose tosses Triple H to the corner and drives his shoulder into Triple H’s midsection. Ambrose tags in Rollins, who takes Triple H down with a triple-suplex. Rollins goes for the cover, but Triple H kicks out at two. Rollins tags in Ambrose, who places Triple H in the corner. Ambrose stands on Triple H’s face and then drags him out of the corner. Ambrose goes for the cover, but Triple H kicks out at two. Ambrose goes up top, but Triple H moves out of the way. Batista grabs Ambrose and tosses him into the barricade. Batista drapes Ambrose over the top of the barricade and then places him on the ring apron. Batista kicks Ambrose in the head and then he and Triple H double-team Ambrose. Batista goes for the cover, but Ambrose kicks out at one. Batista tags in Orton and Ambrose fights back. Orton takes Ambrose down and goes for the cover, but Ambrose kicks out at two. Orton tags in Triple H, who drives his knees into Ambrose. Triple H goes for the cover, but Ambrose kicks out at two. Triple H stomps away on Ambrose, but Ambrose comes off the ropes and takes Triple H down. Ambrose tags in Reigns and Triple H tags in Batista. Reigns destroys Batista and knocks Orton to the floor. Reigns back-body drops Orton and kicks Batista in the head. Reigns sets up for the Spear, but connects with the Superman Punch instead on Batista. Reigns goes for the cover, but Orton breaks it up. Triple H slams Rollins into the barricade as Orton and Ambrose fight on the outside as well. Triple H and Rollins fight into the crowd. Ambrose and Orton fight into the crowd now and Triple H smacks Rollins with a monitor. Reigns slams Batista into the ring post and then begins to take apart the announce table. Orton attacks Reigns from behind and Triple H joins in. Evolution gang-rish Reigns and then deliver a triple-power-bomb to Reigns through the announce table. Rollins and Ambrose come back and take out Evolution. Orton, Batista, and Triple H battle with Rollins and Ambrose on the stage. Triple H slams Ambrose onto a steel chair. Triple H delivers a Pedigree to Rollins onto a steel chair. Reigns finds his way back into the ring and Evolution joins him. Batista delivers a spine-buster to Reigns. Batista brings the steps into the ring. Triple H slams Reigns’ head into the steel steps. Batista and Orton beat Reigns down with Singapore canes. Reigns hits Orton with the Superman Punch, but Triple H hits Reigns with a steel chair. Triple H beats Reigns all the way up the stage, but Ambrose comes back into the match. Evolution overpowers Ambrose and beats him down again. Orton DDTs Ambrose on the stage. Rollins jumps from the jumbo screen and takes out all of Evolution. Back in the ring, Rollins kicks Batista in the face. Rollins jumps off the ropes, but Batista catches him with a Spear. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb, but Reigns spears Batista and Rollins pins Batista.
Batista has been eliminated.

Orton drops Rollins with an RKO and goes for the cover, but Reigns breaks it up at two. Orton goes for the middle-rope DDT on Reigns, but Ambrose hits Orton with a steel chair. Ambrose drops Orton with Dirty Deeds on a steel chair and gets the pin fall.
Randy Orton has been eliminated.

Reigns drops Triple H with the Superman Punch, but Batista spears Reigns. Orton slides the sledgehammer into the ring and gives it to Triple H. Triple H hits Ambrose in the head with the sledgehammer. Reigns spears Triple H and gets the pin fall.
Winners: The Shield.

Payback comes to a close with The Shield standing tall in the ring.

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16 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Wow. Wish I could be surprised that they let HHH’s buddy no sell one of Cesaro’s main moves. Way to kill Cesaro and the match. To quote Paul Heyman…”How dare you Sheamus?”

  2. Ian says:

    Way to kill Big E. by making him tap out in what seemed like a very quick match by the description. Shoulda had that one go to a count out and build up a feud but damn.

  3. LOL says:

    Steph Bryan and Brie promo was great cute shot at Punk by Steph….Cena vs Bray was excellent cept the Super Cena ending as usual.

  4. Ian says:

    Nice job continuing to destroy ANY and ALL momentum Bray Wyatt has been building. Continue to let Super Cena beat him on PPVs. Sorry WWE but you are screwing this up big time. I dont care how the match looked, Wyatt should have won this match.

  5. RIP says:

    Cena lost at mania. What. the. hell do you morons want? He lost at the big one!!!! There’s no pleasing you guys. EVER. The match was 5 stars all the way around. 6 guys getting good time in a PPV. No, Cena doesn’t need to lose every match ever to make someone big. Wyatt is a star on his own and losing is actually gaining him fans. Like it did for DB. There is winning in losing and Wyatt actually got a huge pop with everyone singing at one time. Reading some of these comments in like watching children fighting over the last piece of bubblegum. Cena did the right thing for the bigger buildup for SS.

    Now then Sheamus no selling the spin is a big deal to me yes. And so was Big E losing at all to anyone.

    The Shield going over Evolution and Batista losing first is an even bigger deal. I don’t think HHH protects him anymore.

    But enough with the Cena hates. He does more for the company than practically anyone else including the owners and the family. When you do more than anyone else you get the perks. It’s call life, and it’s damn time you guys got introduced to it.

  6. dave says:

    I think some fans would be too detrimental to the business, if their opinion was ever taken seriously or they were given a booking job.

    Cena has been dominated by the Wyatt family and he got his payback. Simple. It wasn’t a case of super Cena either. I think Bray took the worst shots and bumps.

    Big E did lose but they’re building Rusev up, who is IMO, a better wrestler. Better mover, better use of power and stronger gimmick. However, Big E was intense last night and stepped it up from previous matches so there’s hope for him.

    Let’s hope if the rumoured Nation of Domination re-do can be good for Big E and Kofi, who both suffered last night. Maybe Payback is the catalyst for that?

    I think it’s best to judge a PPV’s impact on the next Raw or two, to see where storylines go.

    Ian, you didn’t watch the PPV but commented so strongly. This is frustrating.

  7. dave says:

    The Shield v Evolution was best match and it was interesting to see each member of Shield pin each member of Evolution. Symbolic.

    A lot has been put on Reigns’ push but Ambrose and Rollins aren’t being left behind or being portrayed as tag-alongs, which is surprising. What happens now? Evolution devolves or the mind games between Reigns and Ambrose/Rollins starts from HHH and Evolution

  8. thatdudeoop says:

    @RIP Stop Crying it’s not a sport! It’s not real!! IT’S FAKE!!!

  9. Jack says:

    So At the last three Ppvs, Batista tapped out at Wrestlrmania, took the loss at Extreme Rules, and was the first one eliminated last night. I guess it’s a good thing he’s Triple H’s buddy. Otherwise he’d be losing to Hornswoggle.

  10. Axel says:

    RIP what mania were you watching? John Cena beat Wyatt at Mania, lost at ER and now won at Payback…

  11. Joseph says:

    I don’t think it really mattered if Batista was pinned first because it could have been either Batista or Orton. What I wasn’t really expecting is that all three of them were pinned by the Shield. I thought at least HHH would pin one of them, but it was a clean sweep.

    I liked the Cena/Wyatt match, but I don’t understand all the hate for Cena and I don’t think Bray losing did anything to hamper his build. Both of them put on an amazing show.

  12. LOL says:

    We’re the morons but in RIP’s world Cena lost at Mania……

    Its still real to RIP damnit!!!

  13. jim says:

    @rip cena won the big one budddy

  14. jim says:

    The only problem I had with this ppv was sheamus no selling. Shouldve rolled out of the ring after. Ok with the finish, but he no sold and got up right after the match like it was after a kick he hit. I actually liked the finished after it was done it pissed me off. And cena always wins those matches in a cheesy way, but the fact he needed to lay that trunk on wyatt and wyatt wasnt really down for 10 was cool

  15. Pinkerton's Pal says:

    Of course fans shouldn’t book. They thing “cred” exists in wrestling. That’s your first clue they just make up stuff. All you do is pin someone’s shoulders down for three seconds. Any wrestler could do that to any wrestler with the right circumstances. No one looks strong/weak based on a night to night basis.

  16. RIP says:

    Alright I got them backwards I had the cage on my mind and the cool kid angle in there. I blew it. Sue me. The point is every time Cena wins a match you get the same complaining chodes with the Super Cena crap. Fact is he’s good for business. If any of the whiners are good for their business, they get the rubs, the perks, and the bonuses. Cena went a good period of time in the buildup to the first Rock match and the second “Once in a Lifetime” where he lost a lot. He wins a PPV match and here the haters are with the Super Cena squash whine post. He could lose for 3 years in a row, win one match and again with the Super Cena crap.

    When you do more children things than most any other notable professional in the world, you get perks. When you’re not failing wellness tests, hello most every other superstar fan, you get pushes. When you make good press on a regular basis, you get titles. Get over it.

    I personally thought that stair shot Wyatt took, and got up from, made him look like a slightly chubbier Stone Cold right then and there. You know Stone Cold solidified himself by passing out, bleeding, LOSING to the superman of his time, Hart, right? Wyatt is an instant hit. And like Jim said, he didn’t lose, it was a cheese moment and the finish was a non-pin, non-incapacitate maneuver that will sell the next meeting so much easier. And while I liked the kid singing outside the cage, that was an equally cheesy finish as well. So you have 1 pin, 1-1 on cheesy finishes, and if there is a matchup at MITB, we should see a Wyatt pin setting up a SS rubber match. Wyatt is instant hot with instant sympathy last night.

    I agree, the Sheamus finish sucked. I tried spinning around 3 times and got dizzy. He no sold 21 revolutions. Cesaro did have his momentum killed and the post “interview” was as much a shoot as you could do live and not get fined or fired.

    I don’t know what it is with WWE lately but if you aren’t going to develop someone (Big E), just don’t put a belt on him or her at all. The IC title looks real cheap to me right now. But, when you have all these short attention span fans, I guess it’s a formula that works pretty regularly.

    The HHH haters. He put over talent last night. Batista, almost as big a waste of money as Lesner.

    KUDOS to HHH and Stephanie learning from the Austin layoff and applying that to the Bryan layoff. Frankly that whole era was so bad it really wasn’t worth mentioning on the DVD at all. Bryan is hotter hurt than he was healthy. That’s saying a lot. I’ve been watching since 1974ish and I’ve never seen anyone hot enough to make the whole building get with them.

    The thing I still think is pretty tasteless, though, is the jabs at Punk, who, incidentally, is still drawing more for the company no showing than Lesner and Bluetista combined. For all the trips they claim HHH is making to heal all these broken relationships, that’s one that needs to happen and get a clean exit.

    Sorry for the early morning rant, but last night was a damn good show to have no World title match in it. They made a lot of lemonade there with the talent they had to work with, and a Wyatt main event at mania looks more and more real with every PPV he works. He’s the most solid I’ve seen in 15 or 20 years.



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