5/17 WWE house show results from Nottingham, England

May 18, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

By Joseph Burns

WWE sent the half of the roster that was to include Daniel Bryan to Nottingham tonight, obviously he was sadly missed and there were several ‘Yes’ chants throughout the evening. Losing Bryan hurt the show, especially as the lack of true star power was clearly evident. Nottingham Arena looked close to a sell out. Loads of Cena shirts, I imagine a lot of people were unaware he wouldn’t be on the show.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins def Rybaxel – Good solid opener, although I thought it went a little long and the crowd lost interest in the middle. Rollins got the pin over Axel.

Rusev def Sin Cara – Bit of a pop for Lana who put over Vladimir Putin to mild boos. The match itself wasn’t anything special, Rusev got the win with the Camel Clutch.

Paige, Cameron & Naomi def Layla, Tamina and Rosa – Paige got a great reaction when her music hit and the crowd were supportive through a pretty standard women’s match. Paige got the win and then danced with Cameron and Naomi. she initially declined and it took the crowd to convince her to do it.

Adrian Neville def Bo Dallas – The crowd was dead for this one. Not sure how many people watch NXT in the UK but on this evidence it’s not many.

Short break whilst the ring crew assembled a steel cage for Big Show vs Kane.

Big Show def Kane in a steel cage match – The thought of watching Big Show wrestle Kane yet again didn’t exactly excite me but I have to admit this match was great fun. Both guys were incredibly over and the big spots got the pops they were hoping for. Big Show won after knocking out Kane and escaping through the door. Kane done his sitting up gimmick afterwards and BRad Maddox came down to try and calm him down. This obviously resulted in Kane choke slamming Maddox for a massive babyface pop!

Short intermission

Mark Henry def Fandango in a dance contest – Wasn’t bothered about this time filler but Mark Henry’s Michael Jackson dance is awesome! The crowd loved it.

Bad News Barrett def RVD, Big E and Jack Swagger – In the absence of Daniel Bryan I was expecting Bad News Barrett to be the most over star on the show and for his entrance he probably was, however during the match the crowd weren’t as loud as I thought they would be. there was a spot where Barrett cleared the ring and all he got was polite applause. Decent match and Swagger took the fall.

Roman Reigns def Randy Orton in a Nottingham street fight – not bad but not really a main event but I understand WWE had to work with what they had. Roman Reigns was super over but Randy Orton didn’t have the heat a big heel should generate. Rybaxel interfered, the rest of The Shield made the save and Reigns got the win after Orton RKO’d Rollins and Roman hit the superman punch. The Shield celebrated to send the fans home happy.

From reading the other reports this was the exact same show Leeds got.

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