5/16 WWE house show results from Leeds, England

May 17, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

1 Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins beat Rybaxel – Real good opener, top effort from all the competitors. Rollins pinned Axel after a curb stomp.

2 Rusev beat Sin Cara with the camel clutch. Not much reaction to this. Lana was rather good to look at during this.

3 Paige/Cameron & Naomi defeated Layla/Tamina and Rosa. Big reaction for Paige. Some messed up spots in this, including Layla being late for a save on a pin, so Paige had to stop covering.

4 Adrian Neville over Bo Dallas. Dallas cut a promo pre match which I found rather amusing. Neville was restricted here but hit his beautiful finisher for the win.

5 Big Show beat Kane in a steel cage match after a K.O and escape through the door. I enjoyed this for what it was. I also popped for the Kane vs Big Show trademark where they both go for the chokeslam at the same time. Kane choke slammed Brad Maddox after the match.


6 Mark Henry beat Fandango in a dance contest. Henry did the Michael Jackson routine which was brilliant.

7 Bad News Barrett beat RVD, Big E and Jack Swagger. Barrett got a massive reception. Decent match. Barrett pinned Swagger after the bull hammer elbow.

8 Roman Reigns beat Randy Orton in a Leeds street fight. Ok main event, Orton even applied a chin lock at one point…In a streetfight!!!!Same ending as Newcastle, Rybaxel interfered and cut taken out by Rollins and Ambrose. RKO on Rollins. Reigns then superman punched Orton and a spear for the win.

credit: F4wonline.com

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