5/15 WWE NXT Recap

May 15, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

May 15, 2014
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “You must be a painting because I’d like to nail you against a wall ” Witner

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Here’s what you need to know about NXT:

-The NXT Champion is Adrian Neville, who became champion during NXT Arrival on February 27, winning a Ladder Match against Bo Dallas, who had been champion for 260 days

-They also have Tag Team Champions, Konnor and Viktor, better known as The Ascension. They won the belts on October 3, defeating Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

-The NXT Woman’s Title is currently vacant. Paige had been the first and only champion, winning the belt on July 25 until JBL stripped her of the belt on April 24 after she won the WWE Diva’s Championship.

-John “Bradshaw” Layfield is the Interim General Manager of the show, replacing Dusty Rhodes who Triple H fired in a power trip.

-The announce team is constantly rotating with some combination of Byron Saxton, William Regal, Brad Maddox, Alex Riley, Jason Albert (formerly Tensai), Renee Young and Tom Phillips

And that’s everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

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1.) NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension defeated Buddy Murphy and Elias Simpson

We start off this week with the Tag Champs against Buddy Murphy and Elias Simpson, who are our Jobbers Du Jour. Du Jour means “of the day” and Jobber means “jobber”. I guess jobber is a universal term.

Simpson didn’t even get into the ring and Ascension won in less than 2 minutes with the Fall of Man.

-After the match they spoke! Konnor said they have laid waste to every tag team on NXT, which is easy since there aren’t any real teams. Viktor wanted something new. Actual teams would be nice.

Out came El Local and Kalisto. Local cut a promo, challenging Ascension. It was so painfully obvious that Local is Ricardo Rodriguez and Kalisto tried leading the crowd in a chant of “Lucha” but the fans were chanting “Ya” for the champs.

-Sami Zayn was interviewed by someone named Veronica. Sami said he is obsessed with winning the title. He has been obsessed with beating Cesaro and winning the NXT Title from Bo Dallas, both of which he failed at.

-Tyler Breeze has entered the building. Hooray!

2.) In the semi-finals in the Paige Invitational aka the NXT Woman’s Title Tournament, Charlotte (w/Sasha Banks) defeated Alexa Bliss (w/pep and glitter)

Can Alexa’s pep and glitter overcome the probable interference of Sasha? Probably not.

A match between two green girls and this was wacky. Alexa did a front flip off the middle rope for no reason at all and they tried to do the revolving roll up that led to Alexa winning last week, but they ended up in a pile.

They settled down as best they could, but a blind man could tell you that these two need plenty of work before going to the main roster, which, to be fair, is what NXT is for.

Finally Charlotte hit Bow Down To The Queen for the win.

-Tyler Breeze sent in a cell phone video of himself cutting a promo about being a champion. It is really good quality for a cell phone video, almost as if they just had him hold his hand near a camera like he was holding a cell phone. Breeze made fun of people who live in Canada. Of course, unless I am mistaken, Breeze is from Canada.

-BREAKING NEWS: The Ascension vs Kalisto & El Local for the NXT Tag Team Titles at NXT Takeover.

3.) Mojo Rawley pinned Aiden English

This was set up when Mojo was attacked from behind by Aiden. I could swear these two have wrestled a dozen times already. They may not have, but it seems that way.

I’ve said this before, but Mojo is very large in real life and he sweats a lot. Also he is nice enough to hunch down, so he didn’t make me look like a midget at 5’11.

This match really wasn’t that good either, meaning that three matches in tonight the best match was the 2 minute squash match.

Mojo won with the Stinger Splash, Rear View and Earthquake Splash.

-Backstage Tyson Kidd is taping his hands and said he is using NXT to make noise for himself and proof that he is the leader of the pack.

4.) Colin Cassidy pinned Angelo Dawkins

Angelo Dawkins was watching ECW on the Network since he dances like Too Cold Scorpio. The problem is Scorpio was dancing like that 20 years ago. I don’t think Colin has won a match at all since Enzo broke his leg, can he finally pick up a win tonight?

CJ Parker protested this match by carrying a sign that said No Xtra Toxins. Being a hippie takes away your spelling abilities.

Anyhoo Colin ignores CJ and his recyclable sign and actually picked up the win with the Catatonic, which is apparently called the East River Crossing.

Dawkins picked up all the dancing and none of the skills of Scorpio.

-Backstage Bo Dallas asked JBL to give him another title shot. Bo said that he had to put on the Bo Dallas Hotline that letters won’t do it. I wonder if Chico will call the Bo Dallas Hotline.

JBL told Bo that if he wins his next match then he will get another title match, but if he loses he leaves NXT forever. JBL tells him it will be against Big E. Bo was happy because he is 2-0 against Big E and won the NXT Title from him last year.

5.) In a #1 Contender’s Match, Tyson Kidd defeated Real #1 Contender Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn

Main event time. This was set up when Tyler Breeze won the 21-man battle royal last week when Kidd and Zayn’s feet both hit before Tyler’s, but it wasn’t allowed to count.

The fans chanted for Yoshi Tatsu. Remember how awesome the Tyson Kidd-Yoshi Tatsu matches were on NXT Redemption? You don’t? Oh yeah, I was the only one watching back then. Of course they were feuding because Tyson ripped the leg off Yoshi’s action figure and the feud culminated with a Yoshi’s Action Figure’s Leg On A Pole Match. I’m not making that up.

The highlight early on saw Zayn go for the Ole Kick, but ran right into the Beauty Shot. Thankfully Kidd broke it up or they would have had to find another reason to screw Tyler Breeze out of his rightful title shot.

This was an exceptional three way and did more to put Breeze over as a good wrestler than anything they have done in the past year. Kidd gave Zayn a German Suplex while Zayn was simultaneously giving Breeze an Exploder Suplex, which led the fans to chant that this was awesome.

Kidd finally got the Sharpshooter on Zayn, but Rudy Charles refused to ring the damn bell, so Breeze hit Tyson with the super kick. The finish saw Zayn kick Breeze, but Kidd dump Zayn and hit a top rope elbow for the win!

-This means that in 2 weeks, we will see Tyson Kidd challenge Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship in what should be a phenomenal match. But until next week when it is the go-home show for Takeover, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!

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