Bret “The Hitman” Hart talks road stories, REAL backstage altercations, Owen, and more

May 14, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

From Shawn Miller:

BRET HART talks Nelson Fraizer, Owen, mentions a funny story about a night at the bar with Oscar, backstage altercations/brawls, road stories and MORE!

M.O.M. RADIO w/ Oscar from WWF’s Men On A Mission debuted first show on PWKGW Radio Network! (guests: Bushwacker Luke, Fred Ottman aka Tugboat, Kevin Lawler, and former World Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Oscar: You and Owen both really helped mentor me, and taught me the business, really taught me what it was all about.

Bret: You guys were all 3 really hard workers, always showed up, never complained, and did everything that was asked of ya.

Bret on Owen and other deaths in pro wrestling:

Bret: It’s so unfortunate we’ve lost so many guys over the years. Going up and down the roads, plane rides, just so many different ones good times and bad, its just a real shame a lot of them have passed! Yesterday was my brother Owen’s birthday. He would’ve been 49.

Bret Hart talks about mentioning Oscar from “Men On A Mission” in his book:

Bret: Remember when I told ya I was going to some bar, asked if you wanted to tag along, when we got their, it was a skinhead bar.. ?!

Oscar: Yea you left me with a bunch of Germans! LOL

Bret: I remember I saw you kind of heading into the wrong place, but hell you just walked right in.. Everyone in the place looked like Ludvig Borga! You had all the eyes in that place staring a whole through ya!

Oscar: Oh yea I thought I was walking into a concentration camp!

Bret: I remember you were sitting there saying I don’t feel safe, and I couldn’t believe it when…


*BRET/OSCAR also talk more about Nelson Fraizer aka Mable (Viscera/Big Daddy V) whom recently passed away, backstage altercation between 123 Kid / XPac (Sean Waltman) and Oscar, road stories with Owen, AND MORE!)

Catch M.O.M. RADIO every Thursday Night LIVE from 8:00-10:00PM EST exclusively on the PWKGW Radio Network (

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