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May 10, 2014 - by staff

TNA Wrestling has parted ways with former 1-Time TNA Champion Joshua ‘Chris Sabin’ Hartner. The 32-year-old Pinckney Michigan native had spent the last 11-years with the organization after debuting back in 2003. Hartner’s contract with TNA recently expired and the 2-sides were unable to come to terms on a deal. His final scheduled date with the company was in a match against Low Ki taped for TNA’s upcoming pay-per-view X-Travaganza. When he first joined TNA Hartner was one of the original competitors that helped popularize it’s popular X Division. He is a record holding former 8-Time TNA X Division Champion and competed for the title over his decade plus with the organization. He was also one of the wrestlers who helped introduce the Ultimate X Match and was a major player in the company’s early World X Cup events. Chris Sabin also had a highly successful 5-year run from 2007-2012 in a tag-team called The Motor City Machine Guns with partner Alex Shelley. In 2013 after coming back from 2-major knee injuries, Hartner became TNA’s 6th Triple Crown Champion when he defeated Bully Ray to win the TNA Championship.

Joshua Hartner is a 14-year veteran of the professional wrestling industry who debuted in the year 2000. He started his training at the NWA Great Lakes Wrestling School and then moved on to be trained by the likes of Scott D’Amore, Rudy Boy Gonzalez, Nate Mattson and Bobo Brown. He started his career working for D’Amore’s Border City Wrestling and other Michigan based independent organizations. He also appeared on pay-per-view for World Wrestling All-Stars before being signed by TNA shortly after. With talent exchange deals TNA had in place, Hartner was able to work for Ring Of Honor Wrestling off and on between 2003 to 2010. He also competed at New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 and Mexico’s CMLL events between 2006 to 2010. In addition to competing under the name Chris Sabin he has also worked as Josh Green.

Below we look at the televised professional wrestling career of Joshua ‘Chris Sabin’ Hartner by the numbers…

TNA Wrestling:

* 121 Matches ( 6th Most All-Time ) on TNA Pay-Per-View. (First Match: April 30th 2003 Weekly Pay-Per-View Vs Shark Boy, Jimmy Rave & Jason Cross Last Match: 2014 Lockdown With Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Vs The Great Muta, Sanada & Yasu)

* 7 Main Event Matches on TNA Pay-Per-View.

* 192 Matches ( 5th Most All-Time ) on TNA Impact Wrestling. (First Match: June 4th 2004 Vs A.J. Styles, Elix Skipper & Michael Shane Last Match: February 13th 2014 Vs Velvet Sky)

* 32 Main Event Matches on TNA Impact Wrestling.

* 36 Matches on TNA Xplosion.

* 28 Main Event Matches on TNA Xplosion.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling:

* 18 Matches on ROH Home Video Releases.

* 2 Main Event Matches on ROH Home Video Releases.

All Japan Pro Wrestling:

* 1 Match on AJPW Pay-Per-View.

* 2 Matches on AJPW Cross Over.

* 1 Match on AJPW Pro-Wrestling Love In Yokohama.

* 1 Match on AJPW Summer Impact.

New Japan Pro Wrestling:

* 3 Matches on NJPW Pay-Per-View.

* 3 Matches on NJPW Circuit.

* 2 Main Event Matches on NJPW Circuit.

Pro Wrestling ZERO1:

* 1 Match on ZERO-1 Pay-Per-View.

* 4 Matches on ZERO1-Max on Samurai Tv.

* 1 Main Event Match on ZERO1-Max On Samurai Tv.

Pro Wrestling Expo:

* 2 Matches on PWE On Samurai Tv.

* 1 Main Event Match on PWE On Samurai Tv.

Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre:

* 2 Matches on CMLL Pay-Per-View.

World Wrestling All-Stars:

* 1 Match on WWA Pay-Per-View.

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