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WWE Contacts Chris Jericho for a Return, Backstage News on Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status

– WWE reportedly called Chris Jericho this past week to see about making a return. He told them he had too many schedule commitments on other projects to come back right now.

– No word yet on what came out Rey Mysterio’s April 30th meeting at WWE headquarters but the impression was given that Rey would be offered an ambassador’s deal, particularly for Spanish language markets, and then wrestle part-time. His situation is said to be up in the air but Vince McMahon wants him back on TV.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Meh says:

    If Mysterio can’t wrestle but McMahon wants him back on TV then Mysterio should become a manager.

    e.g. Imagine Sami Zayn and Rey Mysterio backstage and this happens.

    Rey: Who are you?
    Zayn: I’m Sami Zayn …
    *Rey slaps him*
    Rey: I said, who are you?!
    Zayn: SAMI ZAYN!!!
    *Rey punches him to the ground, face hidden from the camera*
    Rey: WHO THE **** ARE YOU?!
    *El Generico stands tall*

  2. Hobosapian says:

    Can’t they just have him mentor Hunico/Sin Cara as his replacement. He’s good enough. I know they wanted Sin Cara to be the one as he was already a big star in Mexico, but WWE really hasn’t been shopping much for new talent from Mexico, barring Kalisto of course who i suppose could count.

    But either way i think it’s about time Rey wrestles part time and helps put one of those two up the food chain.

    And no offense to Diego, Fernando or El Torito, but Hunico and Kalisto have a lore more probable upside at least as the current way things look.
    And old Alberto right now should just stay heel.

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