The touching story of WWE and seven year old “Connor the Crusher”

May 7, 2014 - by Bob Magee

Yesterday, I wrote in my AS I SEE IT about the good done by wrestling promotions, primarily indy wrestling, but also mentioned what WWE does for children.

Well, this video is one of the best examples of what WWE does, and of the human side of what wrestling can do.

Say what you will about WWE’s storylines. Say what you want to about WWE as a business.

But don’t watch the video above and not shed a tear or two. I just did.

In the above video is the story of 7 year old Connor Michalek. He was a huge WWE fan, especially of Daniel Bryan; even going by his “wrestling nickname” of Connor the Crusher. Connor met Danielson once while he was doing Team Hell No with Kane. The boy was able to pose with the Tag Team Championship belts, and even got to submit Danielson in the ring before a RAW taping.

WWE did a video of Connor’s experience with them, which features Stephanie McMahon talking about Connor, in a really emotional moment.   The video ends showing Connor, able to attend Wrestlemania with his father, and in a scene in the video that will make the most hateful person on Earth cry, moments after Danielson won the WWE Title, he sought out Connor and his father.

It blows me away that Bryan Danielson….in the middle of the insanity immediately at the end of the Wrestlemania PPV, remembered that little boy, and helped give his short life a few more days of joy.

Watch, and have a tissue when you do.

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