AAW Day of Defiance Report (Jimmy Jacobs, Michael Elgin, Kevin Steen, more)

May 3, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

AAW Day of Defiance Report

5/2/2014 – 115 Bourbon Street

By Qumar Zaman

AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined capped off some intense rivalries at “Day of Defiance” at 115 Bourbon Street in Merionette Park, Illinois. The show was headlined by the epic confrontation that pitted Silas Young against his archrival Eddie Kingston inside of a steel cage to end months and months of aggravation that both men have caused each other.

1.) The opening match of the show brought the return of two men to AAW that had been away for months due to injury: the surprise return of the “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander and one half of Zero Gravity, Brett Gakiya. Alexander was overconfident to start the match, as he had the obvious size advantage over Gakiya. Alexander used his strength with a slam on the apron and continued the advantage over Gakiya both in and out of the ring. Gakiya had to use his cunning to try to limit the damage, specifically his speed and high-flying arsenal of offense. Gakiya even jumped from the stage onto Alexander to hit a tornado DDT. Gakiya even countered a powerbomb, by springboarding himself into a Canadian Destroyer. But, as Gakiya took his time in the midst of his, Alexander came back to catch Gakiya and hit a spinning tombstone to get the victory. It’s been a long time since Alexander was in an AAW ring, but he showed that he’s still an impressive wrestler when he gets inside of those ropes.

2.) Mallaki Matthews has been a mainstay on AAW’s pre-show matches, but he got the call up to the main card on this occasion. He faced Christian Faith, and if the previous match featured a size disadvantage, this one was even greater. Faith outmatched Matthews in pretty much every noticeable category: height, weight, size, and strength. No matter what Matthews tried, he couldn’t keep Faith down for a long stretch of time. Faith hit a discus elbow to the face of Matthews to get the pinfall victory. After the match, Gregory Iron and his Iron Curtain come to the ring. Iron leads the charge as Faith continues the destruction on Matthews. Iron issues out his open challenge to the fans at Bourbon Street. Benjamin Boone and Joey Martini then lifted up Matthews and slammed him down to the mat. Iron with his strong words provoked fans to actually jump the railing

After the chaos in the ring, we see a video of Kevin Steen as he recollects his thoughts of becoming the AAW Heavyweight Champion. Steen was angry that he had to earn a title shot after he lost the belt to Shane Hollister. Jimmy Jacobs overheard this and he confronted Steen, saying that you have to deserve a title shot. The argument got very personal with Steen mocking Jacobs sensitive passionate promos. The two would meet in the ring later in the night.

3.) The AAW Heritage Title was on the line in the next match, as the other half of Zero Gravity, CJ Esparza, looked to best the defending champion, “Money” Matt Cage. Cage has been a defiant champion, displaying a brash confidence that many champions of his ilk tend to show when they have held the belt for a long time. Esparza wanted to gain an early advantage over Cage, as he went for a suicide dive to the outside of the ring. However, Esparza came up lame after his move to the outside, as he was unable to put any weight on his left leg. Cage used this to advantage as the match progressed. Esparza tried a maneuver from the middle rope, but Cage caught him and hit a Codebreaker to retain his title.

After the match, we see a video of the AAW Heavyweight Champion Shane Hollister as he shows his frustration of having to continue defending his title against a guy like Jimmy Jacobs or Kevin Steen. Shane mentioned he hoped they killed each other in their match as Scarlett sang that Jimmy should “let it go.” They were eventually interrupted by Markus Crane, who talked about the 8 person tag and introduced his latest #markuscrainerule he wouldn’t hit a woman, but he would “punch a bitch.”

4.) The feud between Keith Walker of AAW’s “We Are Here”group and Ryan Boz had been stewing for years. Walker had numbers in his corner, as Kevin Harvey, Nikki Mayday, and Tweek Phoenix were all in his corner. Boz delivered the first of many big blows in the match, as he went through the ropes and dove onto a staggered Walker. Boz was energized like never before, as he wanted to send a dangerous message to Walker. Boz hit a body slam, a leg drop, and barrage of punches to Walker. Walker would counter, as he managed to hit a German suplex into the corner to stun Boz. Walker then chopped Boz down to his knees. The two continued the onslaught, trying to stun each other with anything in their arsenal to weaken the other. Boz and Walker traded powerful attacks, but it was not until Boz hit the Boz Driver did he really stun Walker. However, as the referee went to count, Tweek Phoenix dove from the top rope and hit a Boz with a chair. AAW matchmaker Tony Rican raced to the ring, as he took out Tweek Phoenix on the outside. Nikki Mayday then grabbed the chair as Phoenix kicked Rican. Rican then took down Phoenix. As Rican looked to hit a Van Terminator on a downed Phoenix, Walker blocked the attempt with a chokeslam. The match resumed as a bloodied Boz continued the battle with Walker. The weakened Boz though, could not win out in the number battle, as Walker hit a lariat to get the pinfall victory. After the bell, Phoenix continued his attack on Rican hitting a DDT on the chair. Harvey then led the attack as Walker hit a powerbomb. The rest of “We Are Here” held Boz out as Walker then took out a lighter and threw a fire bomb into the face of the downed Boz.

5.) The next bout was an 8-person mixed tag match. The first team included Markus Crane, Dan Lawrence, Joey Ryan, and Veda Scott. They would take on the team of Juntai Miller, Marion Fontaine, Candice LeRae, and Heidi Lovelace. Miller and Crane began the match, but there was a flurry of tags. Joey Ryan had his buttocks exposed on three different occasions to the extreme dismay of the crowd. He called the crowd perverts for those accidents occurring. The team with the most facial hair, by a 3-to-2 margin, delivered the more disgusting moments. Lawrence pulled out toilet paper from inside of his trunks and threw it onto Miller, as he looked to get a stunning pin. Joey Ryan then wanted to hit a Boobplex onto Heidi Lovelace. However, Veda Scott wanted in, and she knocked away Lovelace from Ryan. A dazed Ryan then hit the move on his partner Scott. LeRae got involved and hit a “ballplex” on Ryan. The craziness continued as Marion Fontaine dove to the outside onto the three male opponents. Inside the ring, LeRae hit a neckbreaker on Scott from the top rope. Lovelace then dove from the top rope to hit a frog splash as she pinned Scott for the victory.

6.) The next contest was a 6-man tag team as the House of Truth’s Knight Wagner, Justice Jones, and Bernadino took on the team of Moondog Bernard and Sea-Man (L.O.S.E.R.S.) and their partner Marek Brave. The House of Truth members went quick to the attack before Brave made his way to the ring, but once he did, Wagner made a b-line to him. They took apart some pieces of the stage, as the battle made its way into the ring. Baby powder was in use in the match, as was a chair. Wagner used the chair to beat up Brave, and then had Jones use his brute force against Brave. Brave managed to duck out of the way, and hit a superkick on Wagner. However, Jones hit a spinning power slam, knocking out Brave. Just as Jones went to pin, Wagner interjected and Jones let Wagner take the pin and get the win.

Following the match, we see a video of an irate Silas Young as he looks forward to putting an end to Eddie Kingston inside of a steel cage.

7.) The next match would give the winner a shot at the AAW Heavyweight Title later in the show as the former champion Kevin Steen took on Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs had his battles against the champion Shane Hollister, but never got the victory he sought. Steen, on the other hand, was the champion for a short time, having beaten Hollister but losing the title back to him a month later. Steen had the match in control, but after the referee was knocked down, that gave an opening for chaos to ensue. The champion Shane Hollister came to the ring hitting Steen with the title belt. Another referee came to the ring, but Hollister grabbed him and threw him to the outside of the ring. Hollister than waited for Jacobs to get up, and he ran at him with the title belt. Hollister stood strong, until AAW owner Jim Lynam interrupted him. Lynam informed him that there would be a 3-way dance for the title. And that that match would take place right now! The match began hot and heavy, but it picked up even more when Steen powerbombed Hollister onto the apron and brought him back to his feet in enough time for Jacobs to hit a suicide dive. The two challengers then took their attack onto the champion, delivering him into a wooden post. All three men went into the crowd and even took a trip to the bar inside the hall. That got the crowd in a tizzy as the action heightened to where alcohol was dispensed. Eventually, Steen brought Hollister back into the ring, while Jacobs was still on the outside. The three men continued the battle inside of the ring, blocking each one’s attempts to win the match. While Jacobs had Steen locked into the End Time, Shane Hollister then grabbed hold, forcing Steen to let go of Jacobs into a suplex. As Jacobs was downed, Hollister rolled up Steen and grabbed the tights to get the 3-count. Hollister walked out of the ring.

After the match, Jacobs berated Steen for costing him the match. Steen then grabbed the mic and returned the favor, saying that Jacobs pissed him off. Jacobs then retorted by saying how loyal he is to AAW while Steen is more loyal to the higher bidder.

We see a video of Tony Rican and Ryan Boz as the big man issues a challenge to the “We Are Here” group to bring the “street” inside the ring this summer at bourbon street on July 18

8.) The next match was the ladder match for the AAW Tag Team Titles. The champions, the Men of the Year, Michael Elgin and Ethan Page would take on the team of Irish Airborne. At “Point of No Return”, the Crist brothers attacked and stole the title belts, which put this match in motion. However, Dave Crist could not make it to the show due to car trouble. So, Jake Crist said not to worry and that he had a partner at the ready. It turned out to be Page’s former partner, the “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander! The ladders were introduced rather quickly in the match. Initially, they were used to quickly grab the belts that were hung high above the ring, but they ended up being used as weapons. The ladders weren’t the only things used in the match. Chairs and even the wooden post on the outside of the ring area were just a few of the items involved in the melee. Both teams had opportunities to retrieve the belts at different occasions, but opted to go with beating up the opposition. For instance, Elgin and Page double-teamed Alexander and used the chair to put down Page’s former partner. And, even after Jake Crist got in the way, Elgin destroyed him with the ladder, punishing the Ohioan with the steel piece. Alexander even used the destructed ladder to hit Page with a powerful move, leaving him alone to grab the titles with the other ladder, until Elgin blocked it. Later, as Crist climbed the ladder, Elgin took it from underneath him. Crist had to hang on the lighting fixture, until he was forcibly brought down. As Alexander tried to grab the belts, Elgin got to his feet and powerbombed Crist onto Alexander. That powerbomb knocked Alexander off the ladder and put he and Crist down on the mat. Elgin then climbed the ladder and proceeded to grab both belts and win the match.

9.) After a brief intermission to set-up the cage, it was time for Silas Young to conclude his battle with Eddie Kingston. Months and months of warring with one another would come to a head at 115 Bourbon Street inside a steel cage. Before Silas could even get into the cage, Kingston attacked. They began the match on the outside, and not inside the confines of the cage. They made their way to the merchandise tables, and then Kingston threw Young into a garbage can. And as was the case earlier in the night, the bar was next on the tour. They eventually found their way back towards the ring, as Kingston used the cage as a weapon. Finally, both participants got inside the cage, but not after Kingston brought a couple chairs into the cage. Silas then threw Kingston into the cage a few times, until Kingston delivered a low blow. After Kingston set up both chairs in the middle of the ring, Silas countered and hit a fireman’s carry onto the chairs, even as he landed onto the side of the cage. Any time Kingston was thrown into the cage by Young, he tried desperately to escape. The cage door was swung open and the two men went out of the ring again. Silas brought in a ladder, which was also used earlier in the night. Kingston was able to counter, as he threw Silas into a chair set up in the corner, and eventually hit a belly-to-belly suplex onto the ladder that was set up on the other corner. And, once Young got back up to his feet, Kingston threw a chair at Young’s face. Young was able to turn the tables. After Kingston set up the ladder perpendicularly in the corner, Silas turned the tables byslingshotting him into the ladder. Silas went out of the cage again and brought a table into the ring. Kingston then had Young lying on top of the table, as he then climbed the cage. However, Silas then got up and powerbombed him onto the table. Silas opted not to go for the pin, but instead forced Kingston to tap out. Silas Young stood tall as a broken and battered Kingston lied down in the middle of the ring to conclude “Day of Defiance”.

AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined will make its return to Freakster’s Roadhouse in Pontiac, Illinois on Saturday, May 31st for “United We Stand”. Matches will be announced shortly at aawrestling.com

The next event at the world famous Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois will take place on Friday, June 20th as AAW presents “Bound By Hate”. Also, the next AAW event at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park, Illinois will be on Friday, July 18th as they present “Scars and Stripes” which will feature the AAW return of Chris Sabin and a Bourbon Street Fight.

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