WWE Extreme Rules Preview & Predictions

May 1, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Extreme Rules 2014

The past month has been a roller coaster of emotion for WWE fans. From extreme highs like Daniel Bryan winning the title and getting married, to extreme lows of Daniel Bryan’s father passing, and the death of The Ultimate Warrior.

We’re ready for the “special event” of the new WWE year, and that all kicks off this weekend as WWE brings us Extreme Rules this Sunday night from the Izod center in New Jersey.

Here is my rundown of the card with predictions.

Pre-show WeeLC match:

Hornswaggle vs El Torito

For some reason that I’m not quite sure of these two don’t like each other, I guess because they’re both little. I’m sure there will be mini tables, ladders and chairs involved.

Prediction: If I have to pick one, I suppose it’ll be El Torito.

Handicap match: Rusev vs R Truth & Xavier Woods

I know I’m suppose to dig this old school character, but I just don’t. I’m more interested in what color outfit Lana will have on. In what will more that likely be another squash…

Prediction: Rusev crush!

Swagger vs RVD vs Cesaro

Knock knock. It’s Paul Heyman, the best in the business. I thoroughly enjoy Paul, and his work with Zeb. Swagger and RVD are really just mid card guys, and I can’t believe there’s any chance they win here.

Prediction: This is just the start of Cesaro’s push, he’s getting the win.

Divas Championship: Paige vs Tamina

This will be Paige’s first title defense. I’ve been pretty impressed with her in ring work so far, and I’m usually pretty hard on the divas. I also love her entrance music, I think it’s one of the best in WWE. Let’s hope this title reign is the beginning of something good here for the divas division.

Prediction: Paige

Intercontinental Championship: Big E vs Bad News Barrett

BNB won a tournament to become the #1 contender to the IC title. Big E has stood watching the monitor for 3 weeks. BNB has found a gimmick that seems like it has legs. Big E’s push seems to have slowed to a crawl. BNB is entertaining. Big E looks like a frog.

Prediction: I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…for Big E.

Steel Cage match: John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Was the children’s choir not one of the coolest segments we’ve seen in a long time? I honestly think instead of blood running through Bray Wyatt’s body, it’s just liquid gold. Will we ever see Cena turn heel? Probably not, but we can dream. I dream that something, anything about him changes. As a whole, this program has been good, and I’m interested to see where this continues to go.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt, simply because I want him to win.

The Shield vs Evolution

This is the program I’m most interested again. I’m a Roman Reigns mark. All of the Shield has gotten so good. To see them main eventing the last few weeks really makes it feel like the ride is turning in the WWE. Seeing Hunter putting young guys over is also great. Something tells me though, that this program will continue which makes me think Evolution is winning.

Prediction: Evolution

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan vs Kane

At first I was angry that Kane would be facing Bryan in his first title defense. These past few weeks they’ve done a great job at at least making Kane believable and seem like a worthy opponent. I think we’re gonna see a crazy aggressive side of Bryan, which we should all be excited to see.

Prediction: No way Bryan loses.

There you have it. My preview/prediction for Extreme Rules. Until next time!

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