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Spoilers: New Details on TNA’s The Menagerie Stable with Knux and Another Familiar Face

– As noted, Knux will be bringing a new carny stable to TNA and they will debut on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The name of the group is The Menagerie. Here’s what we know about the group members, besides Knux:

* Rebel apparently plays the role of his sister and is the woman we’ve seen in recent vignettes. The woman is someone Christy Hemme suggested to the company. They reportedly worked together and knew each other before Hemme’s wrestling career.

* The masked muscle man is being played by former TNA Global Champion Rob Terry.

* Crazy Steve is Canadian indie wrestler Steve “Crazzy Steve” Scott. As noted, he participated in a Gut Check competition back in 2012. Crazy Steve has an obsession with balloons.

* There is a woman in the group that does tricks with fire. It could be Rebel or a non-wrestler just being used for the visuals, our correspondent wasn’t clear. There are also two men on stilts but they could also be non-wrestlers.

* In one of their matches taped last week, their carny music played for the duration of the match and there was a pink & green & blue lighting in the arena, similar to Sin Cara’s lighting.

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7 Responses

  1. cool arrow says:

    Pretty sure Rebel is the one who does the fire stuff.

  2. Crazy Steve stole Oliver Grimsly’s gimmick. Jerk.

  3. LOL says:

    DIZIE we needs more gimmicks!!!!

  4. Lucifer says:

    Wouldn’t doubt EY pushed for Crazy Steve as they go back to the independant circuit together when they did shows for Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling

  5. Fisha695 says:

    See everybody was complaining this was gonna be a Wyatt Family ripoff but it turns out it’s actually a ripoff of the Oddities lol

    And where the hell is Sin Bodhi/Kizarny? haha

  6. Legend_Killer says:

    TNA! Please bring Vampiro

  7. Matt says:

    Also where is Derrick Neikirk? They should reunite him with Knux. He could probably be a daredevil or ringmaster or something.

    Oh yeah Sinn or Oliver would have been decent additions as well.

    Now i don’t as much mind Big Rob at this point, but i think we also could have done better getting a masked strong man on this point.

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