Apr 30, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

19. Hollywood Heather

hollywood heather

It was said about Joe Namath, “When he enters the room all eyes turn to him.” The same is true for Hollywood Heather. She is 6 feet of blond perfection and not bashful letting everybody know about it.

Hollywood has accomplished for!BANG! TV what every promoter in wrestling is looking for, someone who will fill a seat every 18 inches and sell out an arena. She came to us with experience in acting which has severed her well performing as a professional wrestler.

Or wrestling fans know when Hollywood enters the ring, they will be entertained by Hollywood and sometimes her special alter ego, Cha-Cha Del Torres will join in a match.

Inside this wild and fun lady wrestler is a serious student of professional wrestling who has perfected her wrestling skills to a high level of performance.

Hollywood Heather is, “Sports Entertainment.” And has worked very hard to achieve her level of performance. Hollywood is the star of our new Movie, “THE LADY WRESTLER” and we are already in pre-production on our new Movie, “THE LADY WRESTLER II” A SMASHING GOOD TIME”, a feature length movie.

I am very proud of Hollywood heather and all she is going to achieve in pro wrestling and beyond in her life.

Marti Funk

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