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DirecTV and Dish Network not carrying Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules 2014

As things stand today just a week before Extreme Rules, only one of the
three major pay-per-view distributors will carry the show. DirecTV and
DISH Network are keeping their word of not carrying WWE pay-per-views due
to the unfair deal on the WWE Network. Both companies at this point say
that they will evaluate each show separately and act accordingly, meaning
they will most likely carry more popular shows such as SummerSlam and
Royal Rumble, but skip the less popular shows. InDemand is the only PPV
distributor that so far is carrying the show and they’re the only ones who
have not publicly slammed WWE for their WWE Network.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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6 Responses

  1. jables4ever says:

    Im out of the loop, why are they protesting?

  2. Steven says:

    @jables4ever: WWE is offering the PPVs on their network for only $10 in monthly access. DirecTV and Dish were charging $40-50 for each PPV.
    WWE essentially gave the good deal to the customers rather than the television providers.

  3. John says:

    Their way of saying FU to WWE? But at this point I don’t think it matters because more people will be watching extreme rules ppv than ever before. If anything they are driving more people to join the network seeing how they can’t get pay per views on the dish or directv. Now that I think about it it’s actually kind of funny.

  4. AJ Cooper says:


    If anything, it’s NOT the actions of the pay-per-view providers that are driving people to join the WWE Network, it’s WWE advertising that you can get the pay-per-views with your $10/mo. subscription to the network. I mean, REALLY think about it: are you going to want to shell out $45-55/mo. for a pay-per-view from your provider, or would you go for the more affordable option of shelling out $10/mo. for a WWE Network subscription & automatically get the pay-per-view feed? If anything, I find it funny that you think it’s the providers screwing themselves over, when, if anything, WWE isn’t giving these companies any other option.

  5. jables4ever says:

    Has the WWE broken and contractual obligation by offering the PPVS at such a low cost?

    and thanks for bringing me up to speed guys.

  6. Jason says:

    In the words of Vince McMahon, WWE didn’t screw Directv/Dish, Directv/Dish screwed Directv/Dish! It’s a business decision, WWE wanted a network on these subscribers, but they offered it at a low 20-25 cents per subscriber (via Forbes) while NFL, MLB, NBA and ESPN receive more lucrative deals. Therefore they created an Over the Top network model similar to Netflix and HULU and it is geared to the consumer in price and ease. I LOVE the WWE Network! If Directv, Dish Network and now AT&T U-Verse wNt to leave their 55% of free money(Forbes again) than that is their decision, but they’re still losing out on about 100-128 thousand buys and around 25-35 million dollars for Extreme Rules as those figures are based off Forbes analysis of PPV buys in the WWE Network Era. WrestleMania still had over 400,000 buys in the US alone with nearly 670,000 people buying it on the network. Comcast will carry WWE PPV as long as they have a relationship with the WWE with Raw/Smackdown on USA and SyFy respectively. I believe the WWE Network will be a viable OTT network in 5 years bringing more revenue than PPV model with around 3+ million subscribers and a tweak with WM as the only PPV on traditional programming methods!

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