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New Message from Dana Warrior, New Video from Jeff Jarrett, Chuck Palumbo’s Show, Tyler Reks

– Below is part 2 of #TheJourney from Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling:

– Former WWE star Tyler Reks (Gabe Tuft) recently interviewed IFBB Pro Abbas Khatami for the Body Spartan website. The interview is available at this link.

– The season finale of Lords of the Car Hoards, featuring former WWE star Chuck Palumbo, on The Discovery Channel will air tonight.

– The Ultimate Warrior’s wife Dana tweeted the following on Warrior’s Twitter account today:

“Warrior girls and I will put our toes back in the pond of life. To honor Warrior do something brave today too. He’d tell us all we can be sad but not lazy :) join a gym and put down that chocolate bunny. I’m going for my first run since I lost him; support us by doing something bold, brave and awesome. Dana A. Warrior”

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  1. RobDamVan! Shirt Typo! says:

    “I’m doing everything I can to stay around in the wrestling world….please remember me…..please……maybe call me sometimes and ask how i’m doing……..or ya know……..i’ll call ya slap nuts if that helps me stay around….would it?” Jeff Jarrett

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