TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/17/14 (Young’s First Title Defense)

Apr 18, 2014 - by Atlee Greene

-TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/17/14

Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida 


The show opens with our new world heavyweight heading to the ring with a great reactions from the fans. Eric Young says the belt represents a life time of hard work and that he is going to be a champion for the people. He says the time of the paper champion is over and it’s time to have some fun. He proclaims it’s going to be a party until Dixie Carter interrupts him, congratulates him on twelve hard years, and claims responsibility for Young being world champion.

Carter says she has always seen the potential in Young, kept him employed during the whole “Don’t fire Eric” movement from five years ago, grabs his beard and says she made it fashionable to wear a beard on TV, long before anyone, and wants her royalty checks. Young reminds Carter that MVP is in charge and they don’t need her anymore. Carter clarifies that MVP is in charge of wrestling operations but she is still the president of the company. She calls Young the hood ornament on her 2014 Ferrari.

Young asks if there are any puke bags with that car because being around her that much will make him sick. Carter says he looks like an unemployed lumberjack and he needs to keep her in high regard. Young says he is going to treat her like crap and flush it and Carter says he is more interested in being a court jester in response. Carter tells him to honor and obey her and Young gets serious and says he is his own man and that she is looking in the wrong direction if she wants a paper champion. Carter wants him to be a man of high fashion and give him a makeover and will fire ODB is he refuses. Young gets in her face and says he is only going to give her one warning.

Bully Ray came out and asked the fans if they were sick of hearing Dixie talk. A loud response is garnered as Bully says he doesn’t mean to steal Young’s spotlight but says he came out to take out the trash as he point at Dixie. Bully calls Young a role model for anyone who has been held down by a loser boss like Dixie. Dixie gets in his face for double crossing her and Bully asks why anyone would listen to her. Bully says she doesn’t want to piss him off because she knows what happens when there are tables around and starts the “Na, Na, Na, Na” song which makes Dixie leave. Bully endorses Eric Young, calling him a champion the people can be proud of, says he respects him, and starts an EY chant to end the segment.



-Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love: Street Fight

The Beautiful People wait in the entrance way with Kendo sticks but Rayne blindsides them from behind. In the ring, Rayne drops Sky with a clothesline, goes to grab her from outside the ring and Sky and Love hang her out to dry on the top rope. Sky drops her with a cooking pan for a two count and throws her out of the ring, and sends her into the steel steps.

Love hands Sky the trash can but Rayne kicks it into her face. Rayne smashes Sky in the repeatedly with the trash can and sets up for the spear until Love hits her with the kendo stick. Rayne throws Love out of the ring, Sky charges in with a kendo stick and Rayne counters with a spear for the pin.

Winner: Madison Rayne


Backstage: Eric Young thanks Bully Ray for the endorsement. Bully says he is welcome, states he would love to chat some more about his title win but he is going to a strip club to spend more of Dixie’s money. Bully leaves and Young says that sounds like a good idea until Abyss comes up from behind, calls him out on being a fighting champion, and challenges him for the belt. No response from Young, Abyss says he’s scared and Young challenges him to a Monster’s Ball match. Abyss asks if he is crazy and Young yells “Yeah, I’m crazy!”

Backstage: EC 3 chats with Rockstar Supd about Willow torturing him and asks if he is scared. Before he could answer, EC3 says he shouldn’t be, reminds him that he ended the career of Jeff Hardy and tonight, he will do the same to Willow. EC 3 says “follow me” and Spud almost walks out the opposite door until EC3 pulls him the right way.

MVP is in the ring, congratulates Eric Young, says Samoa Joe is disgruntled and won’t return his calls. MVP says they go back to the indies and wants to address Joe’s concerns until he is interrupted by Austin Aries. Aries says he is the most disgruntled man in the world and gets in MVP’s face about sitting on the sidelines since Lockdown.

Aries says sitting at home for the last six weeks has lit a fire under his ass. He brings up MVP’s three principles and demands answers. MVP says Aries made his bed and needs to lie in it for turning on him at Lockdown. MVP calls Aries on his over inflated ego, says it’s not about him, it’s about the fans.

MVP says they can fight right now if he wants. Aries gets in his face and makes it look like he is going to take him up on the challenge until he retreats and says he will do it next week. Aries says he is not stupid enough to trade fists with a convicted felon, will instead wrestle MVP and prove he is the greatest man that ever lived.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match- The Wolves vs. Bros Mans w/ DJ Z:

The Wolves waste no time getting things started and hit Robbie E with an atomic drop pin attempt, throw both members of Bro Mans out of the ring and hit a pair of suicide dives. Davey Richards climbs to the top but Jessie Goddard shakes the rope and down goes Richards. Goddard delivers a military press slam to Richards and Robbie E follows up with an elbow drop from the second rope. Bro Mans do a great job of cutting off the ring with double team moves until Richards reverses Robbie E and tags in Eddie Edwards.

Edwards hits a series of clotheslines, hits a double hurricanrana and traps both of them in the corner and lands a series of Kobashi chops. The Wolves hit two double stomps off the top rope on to Goddard, Edwards goes for the pin, and DJ Z hit him with a laptop, causing the DQ.

Winner via DQ: The Wolves


Backstage: Willow says Rockstar Spud reminds him of dirty boogers and EC 3 reminds him of dirty sheets. Willow, with his maniacal laugh, says he will find victory in “WILLOW’S WAY.”

An emotional video is shown highlighting the aftermath of Eric Young’s world title victory. Young calls out the doubters and says the world title is a culmination of 17 long hard years in the business.


EC 3 & Rockstar Spud vs. Willow – Handicap Match:

Spud is scared to death as EC 3 tries to blindside Willow. After some shots in the corner, Willow takes control with a couple of flying forearms and a big splash for the two count. Willow goes for the Willow in the Wisp but Spud knocks him off the ropes. Spud tags in but quickly tags out when Willow grabs his leg. EC 3 delivers a big bodyslam and poses for the crowd. Willow rolls up EC 3 but Spud breaks it up and EC 3 hits a neckbreaker. EC 3 holds Willow as Spud slaps him in the face until Willow kicks him in the gut and hits EC 3 with a jawbreaker. Willow hits Spud with the twist of fate for the pin.

Winner: Willow


Post Match: EC 3 hits Willow from behind and looks to injure his knee until Kurt Angle comes out, stares down a shocked EC 3, and delivers a German suplex to send him packing. Angle grabs the mic and says EC 3 looks like he saw a ghost, calls himself the greatest wrestler alive, and proclaims he is back.

Angle says his career is over when he says it’s over, announces he is going to take his time in breaking EC 3 arms and legs and will find out first hand why they call him a cyborg. Angle closes out the segment saying it ain’t over until EC 3 leaves the ring not on a stretcher, but in a body bag.

Backstage: Bobby Roode is warming up and talks about Bully Ray taking away his chance at TNA ownership at Lockdown. In return, he has taken away tables from him. Tonight, he issues an open challenge for a tables match to anyone except Bully Ray because he wants him to see the new master of the tables match.

A video of X Division Champion Sanada is shown of him waking up in the early a.m., reflecting on his task to bring honor to Japan and training for the battle ahead.

Kenny King comes out to the entrance ramp and complains about not being used on the show. Says MVP is the new sheriff in town but won’t talk about his intelligence because it would be a short conversation. King calls himself the LeBron James of professional wrestling and says him time on the bench is over. He decides to do some commentary, watch the match between “Honda Sanada and a bucktooh tiger” and challenges the winner for a title shot.

-X Division Champion Sanada vs. Tigre Uno – Second Match in the Best of Three:

Sanada hits a dropkick, misses a charge in the corner but comes back with a chop off the top rope for a two count. Tigre Uno delivers a hurricanrana for a two count and Sanada comes back with a TKO for a close near fall. Sanada misses a moonsault but lands on his feet, throws a kick, Uno catches it and delivers a belly to belly suplex that drills Sanada’s head into the canvas. Uno hits the Saber tooth 450 splash to even the series at one match apiece.

Winner: Tigre Uno


Backstage: Bully Ray is motivating an unidentified individual by telling them they are the perfect person for the job of taking up Bobby Roode on his open challenge. Bully tells this person to powerbomb and jackknife Roode through the table.

Bobby Roode is in the ring, surrounded by tables, and calls himself the Master of the Tables match. Gunner comes out to accept the challenge.


-Bobby Roode vs. Gunner – Tables Match:

Roode blindsides Gunner from behind and stomps him out in the corner. Gunner comes back with an elbow off the ropes and stomps him in the corner for good measure. Roode comes back with a neckbreaker. Roode tries to bring a table in the ring but Gunner baseball slide dropkicks the table into Roode. They both take turns trying to throw each other into a table against the ring post but they both block it. Roode dropkicks Gunner, who is on the apron, teasing a table spot. Gunner comes back with a bodyslam and tries to slam Roode in the table in the corner but Roode slips out and hits a neckbreaker off the top rope. Gunner reverses a powerbomb attempt with a back body drop but gets caught with a spinebuster.

Both men attempt their finishing moves but can’t find the right position to pull it off. Gunner hits Roode with a suplex and places Roode on the table. Gunner climbs to the top but James Storm comes out and distracts him long enough so Roode and slam Gunner through the table. It’s doesn’t break and Roode connects with a Roode Bomb which seals the deal for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Post Match: James Storm hammers away on Gunner and sets up the last call super kick until Bully Ray runs in for the save.


– A video is shown with several TNA Stars give their thoughts on Eric Young being world heavyweight champion.

Madison Rayne says a rugged man like EY should be world champion

EC 3 says fairy tales don’t last in the real world

Willow says Eric Young is the greatest world champion TNA has ever seen

Taz says Eric Young always comes to the ring in shape and digs him as champ


Backstage: Eric Young is surrounded by weapons and says he is going to show everyone how crazy he is. Why? Because he is the world champion.

Backstage: Gunner is pissed about Strom costing him the match. Bully Ray tells him to dust himself off like a Marine and says they will team up next week to fight Storm and Roode. Gunner shakes his hand in approval of the idea.


-Eric Young vs. Abyss – Monsters Ball Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title:

Young hits Abyss with a trash can and connects with fifteen punches in the corner. Young slips out of a choke slam attempt but gets thrown out of the ring and hits the apron hard. Young makes a comeback, goes for a suicide dive but Abyss hits him with a trash can on the way out.


We are back from the break and Abyss places a steel chair between the turnbuckles. Abyss sends him in but Young reverses and hits Abyss with a dropkick and follows up with a back elbow. Young goes for another dropkick, Abyss catches his legs and slingshots Young into the corner and Young goes headfirst into the chair.

Abyss goes under the ring and grabs a black bag and pours out the thumb tacks. Young drops Abyss with a flying forearm, attempts to piledrive him into the tacks, and Abyss reverses it with a back body drop. Abyss goes back under the ring and grabs Janice. Abyss swings and misses. Janice is stuck on the top buckle, Young kicks Abyss low, grabs Janice but gets choked slammed in the tacks for his troubles.

There are plethora of tacks stuck in the back of Eric Young as Abyss goes under the ring for a third time and grabs a barbed wire board. Abyss goes to chokeslam Young into the board, Young bites him to escape, dropkicks him, and Abyss lands into the barbed wire. Abyss can’t move with gives Young the perfect opportunity to hit an elbow drop off the top rope to finish off the big man.

Winner and still champion: Eric Young

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