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Poll results: The Undertaker’s streak ends at Wrestlemania 30

The Undertaker’s streak ends at Wrestlemania 30

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  1. Ian says:

    Its not so much that the streak ended its the fact of WHO ended it. You have a part time guy who beat him. And on top of that its a part time guy who doesn’t really receive a big bump or anything from beating him. Lesnar is already a beast who is already over as one of the top heels. Him beating Taker makes no sense. If they wanted to end the streak it should have been to a young guy they can see as a big time long term future superstar like Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns or someone making a shocking heel turn (John Cena)

    I think Wyatt should have been pitted against Taker rather than against Cena. His followers vs. the darkness of Taker would have been great. He is one guy who could have played off of the fact that Taker’s “powers” didnt scare him.

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