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Jeff Jarrett in reported altercation at an independent show

Former GERWECK.NET contributor Dr. Jerry Wiseman posted the following article regarding an alleged incident involving Jeff Jarrett and independent wrestling promoter Ian Rotten

According to sources former NWA/TNA world champion Jeff Jarrett allegedly knocked the glasses of the son of IWA Mid-South promoter Ian Rotten after not getting his promised pay from the often embattled promoter.

Reports coming out of the promotion say Jarrett was given half his draw at the show and promised the remaining amount to be paid “in two to three days.” This allegedly sent Jarrett into a rage where is he alleged to have been screaming and cursing at many in the locker room and then directed his rage against the 17 year old son of Rotten, John Calvin. Sources say Jarrett either slapped John Calvin and knocked his glasses off or snatched them off his face during his rant and attempted to “hold them hostage to the point of breaking them,” before calming down.

“Jeff and Karen Jarrett were both intoxicated,” promoter Ian Rotten said. “I have a locker room full of people to back me up on that.”

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4 Responses

  1. dave says:

    Classy Jeff.

  2. Mimura says:

    while Jarrett was totally in the wrong for way overreacting (if this indeed had happened). Also how the heck did Ian Rotten let his teenage son get within distance of an already angry and possibly intoxicated pro wrestler. Also, if this happened in Ian Rotten’s territory and to his child, there’s a possibility of something along the lines of what happened to Mike Levy; This is all I could tell from a one sided story, in which the promoter is full of s*** himself.
    Key word in the article: ALLEGED

  3. Genghis Khali says:

    More likely that Ian just doesn’t have the money, as usual.

  4. Wes says:

    Looks like Ian took buisiness tips from his former boss, Paul Hayman.

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