Spoilers: SHIMMER 65 & 66 Taping Results

Apr 13, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

a. Pink Flash Kira pinned Angelus Layne with a victory roll.

b. Alex Bernadino & Markus Crane defeated The Archangel and Moondog Bernard. Crane pinned Archangel with a knee lift/Cutthroat Lightning Spiral combination.

c. Mary Lee Rose made Stacy Shadows tap out to a rocking horse.

SHIMMER Volume 65
– A video promo showed Thunderkitty at a bar where she gets a call from her agent booking her for tonight, but balks at the 80% agents’ fee.

1. Veda Scott pinned Leva Bates with a tights-assisted inside cradle.
– Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez come out, with Matthews challenging Madison Eagles to a rematch. Eagles comes out in a sling, with Nicole claiming that Madison is ducking her. Courtney Rush, Evie and Heidi Lovelace came out to challenge them to a 6-woman match and to find a partner to replace Eagles. Portia replied that they can find someone better than her.

2. Christina Von Eerie beat Angie Skye with a stranglehold lung blower.

3. Thunderkitty pinned The Spider Lady with a small package.
– Amber Gertner interviewed LuFisto, who says she had the best intentions when she came out to help Yumi Ohka in her match against Cheerleader Melissa. Saraya Knight interrupts and tells LuFisto that she’s going about things the wrong way.

4. Courtney Rush, Evie & Heidi Lovelace beat Portia Perez, Nicole Matthews & Jessicka Havok. Lovelace pinned Perez with an O’Connor Roll after avoiding a wrench attack.

5. Kana made Nikki Storm tap out the the Kana Lock.
SHIMMER Tag Team Championship

6. Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa (c) beat Saraya Knight & Rhia O’Reilly to retain the title. Nakagawa pinned O’Reilly following The Hangover. Saraya gave a death glare to Rhia for accidentally knocking her off the apron in the closing moments of the match.

7. Yumi Ohka pinned LuFisto with a running Yakuza Kick. Saraya came out during the match cradling Pegaboo, and then pulled her head off after the match, leading to a brawl between LuFisto and Knight.

8. Ray & Leon beat Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb. Both were pinned following a Senton Bomb by Leon and a moonsault by Ray.

9. Athena defeated Kay Lee Ray with the O-Face.

10. Mercedes Martinez pinned Hikaru Shida with the Fisherman Buster.

11. SHIMMER Championship: Cheerleader Melissa (c) pinned Mia Yim with an Air Raid Crash to retain the title.

SHIMMER Volume 66
1. Leva Bates beat Marti Belle with the Pepsi Plunge.

2. Nikki Storm pinned Christina Von Eerie with the Eye of the Storm.

3. Kay Lee Ray defeated Leon, Nevaeh & Kimber Lee in a 4-way. KLR pinned Nevaeh with a Senton Bomb.

4. Evie beat Nicole Matthews with a double stomp in the Tree of Woe.

5. Yumi Ohka pinned Melanie Cruise with a running Yakuza Kick.

6. Veda Scott made Courtney Rush tap out to an arm bar while using the ropes for extra leverage.

7. Kana made Cherry Bomb tap out to the Rings of Saturn.

8. Heidi Lovelace pinned Jessicka Havok after Portia Perez went to swing the wrench at Lovelace, only for Heidi to duck and she hit Havok instead.

9. Mia Yim defeated Ray with the Package Piledriver.

10. No DQ, no count out: LuFisto beat Saraya Knight after ring announcer Kevin Harvey punched Saraya and LuFisto hit her with a chair.

11. Hikaru Shida defeated Athena with a Three Count.

12. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa (c) beat Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez to retain the titles. Skater pinned Martinez following The Hangover.

Credit: PW Ponderings

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