Bad Influence talk Samoa Joe, Indy Promoters, PMA, More

Apr 11, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

From Kevin Gill:

Impact Wrestlings Bad Influence talk Samoa Joe, Indy Promoters, PMA, More!!

Episode 11 of the Kevin Gill Show is AVAILABLE NOW for instant stream and download from iTunes and at www.KevinGillShow.Com !

The best team in Impact Wrestling talk about chasing their dreams, the sacrifices they made, Killer Kowalski, Saints Row, Metallica, King Of The Indies tournament, All Pro Wrestling, Independent Contractors in wrestling, ECW, Comic Books, Rhino, the importance of making a name for yourself, and one member of the team reveals a shocking secret!! KG Talks about the Wrestlemania/Hall of Fame weekend, and delivers an emotional tribute to the Ultimate Warrior!

The podcast that was featured last week on Itunes “What’s Hot” list returns with episode 11 featuring special guests current Impact Wrestling stars Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels aka Bad Influence for instant stream and download!
Daniels on positive thought:
“You just have to go through life knowing that as long as you put yourself out there 100 percent and do everything you can to be a positive force, to be a commodity to a promoter, work is always going to come your way. My man Mike Moran said “Talent always finds it’s way to the top”. “All you have to do is keep working hard, never burn a bridge, and these opportunities will come.”

Kaz on a TNA star who was released from the company:
“If I recall, he was too dumb to even realize he was being fired”

Christopher Daniels on Indy Promoters:
“Independent wrestling shows live or die on the vision of the promoter. Some guys just let the locker room take over, and let the guys do what they want, and as a result you get everybody on the microphone, everybody doing matches longer then they should be, and everybody doing a Wrestlemania main event whether they are the opener or the main event.”

On Samoa Joe
“To this day, Samoa Joe is a guy a company can be built around.”

“A unique athlete, it’s funny because he was a book that was judged by his cover, for a very long time and it took a while to get him into TNA and we were always fighting to get him in. Everybody was like “we gotta change his look and blah blah blah” , but finally when they gave him the chance, he showed them that you didn’t need to judge him by the cover because he brings a unique intensity and a unique character to TNA and I think it would be a different TNA without him. He has changed the business”

The Kevin Gill Show is YOUR PMA Power Hour! Each episode contains interviews and insight from people who are POSITIVE, people who are MENTAL, and people who have ATTITUDE. Positive, interesting, and successful personalities from across the diverse Video Game, Pro Wrestling, and Music Industry. Hosted by “KG” Kevin Gill an improv comedian, television personality, voice actor, and music/wrestling/video game industry veteran. Upcoming guests include Kevin Steen, Violent J (ICP) and more!! Past Episodes include in depth, in person interviews with Andrew WK, Zach Gowen, John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Rhino, Craig Ahead (Sick Of It All), Drake Younger, Freddy Madball, Lars Frederiksen (Old Firm Casuals & Rancid)

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