4/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Apr 11, 2014 - by staff

by Brian Leeman

We kick it off with a quick tribute to Ultimate Warrior. John Cena makes his way out to the ring. Cena sort of initiates what seems to be a bit of a new WWE we’re seeing. Bray Wyatt cuts a promo from the titantron and talks about Mania. Bray says that losing doesn’t matter, he’s smiling. Bray says things are about to get extreme.

Big Show and Cesaro w/Heyman make their way to the ring. Heyman cuts a short promo before going over to the announce table.

Match #1
Cesaro vs Big Show

Big Show takes control for the opening part with Cesaro escaping and talking to Heyman. Big Show continues to beat down Cesaro. Cesaro with a rear naked choke. Big Show with some clotheslines. Show goes for a flying elbow drop and misses. Cesaro goes for the big swin but Swagger attacks.

Winner: Cesaro via DQ

Show knocks Swagger out of the ring but Cesaro cuts down Show and hits the Neutralizer.

Match #2
Ryback & Axel vs Los Matadores

Ryback overpowers one of the matadores after a short stint on offense. Ryback with a scoop slam. Axel gets the tag in and works on the Matador. Ryback back in and knees him in the back, followed by a chokehold. Hot tag to the other Matador who takes out Axel, who tagged in. Spinning kick from the Matador. Headscissors takedown. El Torito dives onto Ryback, Ryback tries to throw him but the Matadores take him out. Axel hits the neckbreaker for the win.

Winners: Ryback & Axel

Rob Van Dam interview Renee Young backstage. RVD talks about being back.

Match #3
Rob Van Dam vs Damien Sandow

Van Dam uses most of this match to showcase his skillset. RVD tries a moonsault but misses. Sandow beats down on RVD. Sandow works over RVD’s neck and locks in a choke. Van Dam takes out Sandow and goes to the top but Sandow climbs up with him. Sandow tries a superplex but gets thrown off and RVD hits the five star frog splash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Hulk Hogan comes out and introduces Daniel Bryan. Crowd goes nuts as Bryan talks about being WWE Champion. Bryan and Hogan celebrate together, giving the fans a nice moment.

Match #4
Kofi Kingston vs Bad News Barrett

Kofi with kicks to the sides of Barrett. Flying crossbody from Kofi. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer but Kofi dodges and hits a clothesline. Boom drop from Kofi. Barrett escapes a Trouble In Paradise attempt. Kofi goes for the Trouble In Paradise again but gets nailed by the Bullhammer.

Winnera: Bad News Barrett

Match #5
Fandango w/Layla vs Santino w/Emma

Santino with a hip toss and his usual offense. Santino goes for the cobra but Layla steals it. Fandango wins with a roll up.

Winner: Fandango

Main Event
Daniel Bryan & The Usos vs Kane, Randy Orton & Batista

Batista and Jimmy Uso start off and Batista hits a spinebuster. Orton comes in and takes over. Kane now in and working over Jimmy. Orton makes the tag back in with the plodding offense. Body lock from Orton. Bryan makes the hot tag and he’s in there with Kane. Bryan with the kicks to Kane on the ground. Bryan gets Kane out of the ring. Suicide dive onto Kane. Batista and Orton attack Bryan but The Usos dive out onto them. Full scale brawl starts. Count out

No Contest

The bad guys beat down everyone until The Shield makes the save Kane, Orton & Batista run off.

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