Video: Nancy Grace talks to DDP about Warrior, lies about Owen Hart

Apr 10, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

transcript of DDP talking about Warrior on last night’s Nancy Grace‏

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GRACE: And tonight, a major WWE superstar dead. Tonight, accusations of illegal steroids and drugs? What killed the WWE superstar?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A shocker for wrestling fans.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Legendary wrestling star has been found dead. James Hellwig (ph), AKA, “The Ultimate Warrior,” was just 54.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His essence, his spirit will be immortalized!


GRACE: Tonight, a major WWE superstar dead. Accusation of illegal steroids and drugs. What killed the WWE superstar?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A shocker for wrestling fans. Legendary wrestling star has been found dead, James Hellwig, AKA the Ultimate Warrior was just 54.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It comes after he said something to fans just days ago that now sounds very eerie.

JAMES HELLWIG: Every man`s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath.


GRACE: That is video of the Ultimate Warrior from WWE. And joining me right here on the set, former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Thank you for being with us.


GRACE: Now, I don`t quite recognize you with all of your clothes on.


GRACE: I`m trying to get past that.

PAGE: Oh, you might be missing this and the long blond hair I had back in the day, too, so.

GRACE: You know, so many wrestlers dead, now accusations of steroids and illegal drugs swirling. Take a look at wrestlers who died young. To our Dr. John Hong, internal medicine physician, Cape Regional Medical Center, the effect of drugs and steroids after using them for years and years sticks with you, right, doctor?

DR. JOHN HONG, M.D., INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN CAPE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER: Absolutely. Anabolic steroids are probably used by one percent of Americans and it`s really bad on the cardiovascular system, meaning your heart, your arteries. It ruins your cholesterol, raises your blood pressure, it can cause a lot of heart enlargement. That can lead actually to an arrhythmia causing sudden death.

GRACE: Alexis Tereszcuk, senior reporter of, what happened?

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, SENIOR REPORTER, RADARONLINE.COM: He and his wife were in Phoenix. They were actually just walking to their car in front of their hotel and he collapsed on the ground. What the authorities are just saying is this was a catastrophic medical event that happened to him. He was rushed to the hospital and he was pronounced dead when he was there.

GRACE: When you say a catastrophic medical event, I don`t know what you mean by that. What do you mean, Alexis?

TERESZCUK: Those are the exact words .

GRACE: Is that the words the authorities used?

TERESZCUK: Yeah, that`s what I believe it is, that`s what people are saying, it sounds like a heart attack. What the causes of the heart attack are have not been determined yet. There are going to be toxicology reports, there`s going to be an autopsy done. Because he is only 54. He was only 54, very young. But he even admitted in the past that he had done steroids. That he could have had a long term effect on him. And he just signed up to be an ambassador for WWE to come back again. It was a huge comeback for him. So, this is really just a horrible tragedy.

GRACE: That`s video of Ultimate Warrior from WWE. Here on the set with me, Diamond Dallas Page, former pro-wrestler. Question: when you first heard that he was dead, what did you think?

PAGE: You know, I just saw – I just saw him at the hall of fame. And he looked great. But you don`t always know what`s going on on the inside. You know, his energy was as high as ever. He was a very intense cat. You know, he lived life. I mean if you ever go online, look at his workouts. He still works out like he was 20 years old. I mean he would hit really, really hard. That was the Ultimate Warrior`s spot.

GRACE: Oh, that would mean – you say that he was in great shape. So, why would he be found dead?

PAGE: Yeah, but you know, sometimes — I don`t know. The last thing I am is a doctor, Nancy.

GRACE: No, and nobody has ever accused you of being a medical doctor. What I`m saying is, tonight claims of drug use and steroids swirling. He`s admitted that he used steroids.

PAGE: Yeah, back in the day. A lot o – we all used them back in the day.

GRACE: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You know, we didn`t all. I`ve never used the steroids. I wouldn`t know a steroid if it bit me in the neck.

PAGE: What I mean we did it all. I mean certain guys. Among the certain age. And I tell you I tried it back when I was a kid, too. And it`s something that once that`s in your body, I guess you`re going to have some, you`re going to have some, what`s it called, ramifications from that without question. But you know, like, he was — and he actually changed his name to Warrior. He was – he was a passionate individual towards working out big time, you know, and that`s — if you look at him today, he`s nowhere near as big as he was back then. I mean it was like 2:30 or something.

GRACE: Everybody with me. Diamond Dallas Page, former pro-wrestler. Also with me, David Dennis Jr. At the hall of fame ceremony, creative director of Smoking Section. David, thank you for being with us. What`s ultimate warrior known for?

DAVID J. DENNIS JR.: Ultimate Warrior for people of my age, I`m 28, I was a kid when he was wrestling. I mean he was a real life super hero. He`d run into the ring, he had his tassels and his paint. And he was basically captured everybody`s imagination.

GRACE: Captured everybody`s imagination. Did it ever bother anybody that he was using steroids?

DENNIS: Oh, as a kid we just saw him as a really big buff guy. I mean there were a lot of wrestlers that looked like that. The steroids allegation and him admitting to it came much, much later. And like – if he said, I mean he hadn`t been wrestling in 18 years. So, I mean it`s hard to imagine what he has been doing since.

GRACE: Everybody, take a look. You`re seeing video of Ultimate Warrior from WWE tonight. Claims of steroid use and drug swirling as Ultimate drops dead. Very quickly, David Dennis Jr. joining me.

How did he appear at the hall of fame? According to Diamond Dallas Page, he seemed fine.

DENNIS: Yeah, I mean he seemed fine to me. I was at the hall of fame ceremony. He delivered a passionate speech. He came out on Monday night on Monday night “raw” was there. He did his old routine of shaking the ropes. He seems – he seems totally fine, we talked a lot about the future and everything like that, too.

GRACE: Everyone, you`re seeing video of Ultimate, Ultimate Warrior drops dead, claims of drug use and steroids now swirling. Wrestling fans, WWE fans in despair tonight after this. With me Diamond Dallas Page on the set. Question, why do so many — let`s see that scroll, please, Justin. Why there`s so many die at such a young age? I mean you`ve got to take into account the steroids and drugs.

PAGE: For starters, and I think you got to look at where it is today. Where we are is the WWE has the way stricter policies than the NFL or the NBA or the MLB. They are not just looking for steroids and illegal drugs. They`re looking for painkillers and muscle relaxers. It all those – like there`s the strictest policy, more than any other league, WWE. That`s their whole deal. And the reason why guys like Jake the Snake Roberts and Scott Hall and the guys who, you know, might have been gone earlier, because of their involvement with getting guys that are into rehabilitation programs. So it`s a real – their wellness program is off the hook. And they have stepped up. And I don`t work there anymore. I`m speaking from me to another. I`m all about a wellness program to help people have a longer healthier life and changing their life styles. Back in the day, a lot of athletes took advantage of themselves. Jim Hellwig to me, I`ve been watching him for the last ten years, five years on YouTube. Strong five years. He was a health fanatic. Now, who knows why anybody`s heart just stops like that, you know? Obviously he wasn`t out partying like crazy the night before. He was with his family down there. You know, so, he was a real family man.

GRACE: Everyone at this hour, the Ultimate Warrior, WWE superstar dead.

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