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New TNA champioin

Eric Young captured the TNA Championship at Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida. Young beat Magnus in singles match after winning the 10-Man Gauntlet Match that opened the show.

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  1. Shane says:

    This device they love using where they surprisingly give the title to a x division undercarder has completely lost its luster. Young winning makes Aries win a couple years ago look weak and make Sabin’s already terribly booked win last year look even worse. Ugh. I hate TNA so much.

  2. lll says:

    Eric Young?! He’s a joke with ODB by his side. He has always been treated like a joke so giving him the title doesn’t make him credible. It turns the biggest prize in TNA into a joke. Laughable.

  3. Mr. New Japan says:

    If this was 09 World Elite Eric Young this would mean so much more . I don’t blame him he is a good talent but …… He lost all his momentum during the Hogan era

  4. Swayze says:

    I love Eric Young and he’s consistently been one of the best things in TNA. They suck at booking anyone credibly anyway, might as well let EY shine.

  5. cold says:

    Man I been to a few TNA meet and greets and I met EY twice, this guy is a class act, in and out of the Ring

    He was cordial and seemed very excited to meet the fans… unlike some others (AJ Styles)

    …. and He is the Only one on the Roster to have a semi-mainstream audience in something other than wrestling so…. I love it Good Move

  6. Wes says:

    This is like making the Brooklyn Brawler the WWE champ and making Disco Inferno or Norman Smilly the WCW WHC.

  7. ironFNmaiden says:

    Great guy……the nicest man I have ever met……world champion?……hmm…….

  8. miko says:

    So Dixie was watching mania and said hey di we have any short guys with a beard.

    And I like ey and think he is great. But its only cause of db that they gave him he belt

  9. Nick A says:

    It makes sense when you consider he brings in a secondary audience, but this hotshot booking does him no favors. A solid build-up could have made him a stronger champ. Instead we move from one champ the company is trying to build as a main eventer to another champ the company is trying to build as a main eventer. Meanwhile people like Roode, Storm or Joe that can work as a main eventer but don’t nearly as much as they should, sit by the wayside.

  10. luchadore316 says:

    Does this not seem very similar to what WWE did with Daniel Bryan?

    It seems TNA just like taking what they did and copy it. Only they rush through it with not build up.

  11. Alicia says:

    @Cold AJ Styles wasnt nice to you? I am curious cause i met him a few years ago and he insisted on meeting everyone around ringside including myself even though security was pretty much begging him to leave. HE was very nice and took pics with anyone who wanted one even though he was pushed to leave.

  12. Meh says:

    It is like if Santino won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

  13. Matt says:

    Credibility never has and never will exist other in the mind of smarks. I had “arguments” like that.

    A talented wrestler just earned the chance to be the company’s main champion. How this is anything but awesome, is beyond me.

  14. Wes says:


    Barry Horowitz was s talented wrestler. Would you put the belt on him?

  15. lotus says:

    Wes in the right setting you could put the title on anyone!

  16. T says:

    LOL @ people who think the belt means anything. It is just a prop.

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