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Hart family member predicts three talents to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame next year

Smith Hart had previously predicted that WWE would induct his late great brother Owen Hart next year in the hall of fame as part of the Hart Foundation. He has also predicts…

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  1. dave says:

    Could be a huge year in next years HOF.

  2. LOL says:


  3. Meh says:

    I will believe it (regarding Owen) when I see it.

  4. They need to induct 3 or 4 people at most. They will run out of people eventually to induct.

  5. LOL says:


  6. Ian says:

    @Kyle, how do you think they will EVER run out of people when they are pulling from AWA, ECW, WCW, and every other company whose video library they own.

  7. Meh says:

    When the Hart Foundation are inducted then finally there will be an English/British wrestler in the WWE Hall of Fame due to the British Bulldog (Bulldog also deserves to be in as a solo induction and as part of the British Bulldogs tag team) being part of the the Hart Foundation.

    William Regal [aka “Lord” Steven Regal], Chris Adams (major star in WCCW and popularize the Super Kick which would later be used by dozens of other wrestlers, especially Shawn Michaels’ ‘Sweet Chin Music’.) and The Dynamite Kid also deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Chris Adams also trained Stone Cold Steve Austin, arguably the biggest star in WWE history. That alone should put him in the WWE HoF.

  8. But a lot of them stars aren’t big stars like Stone Cold, Rock, Warrior etc. They couldn’t be the main inductee but could be your not so popular guys like Carlos Colon, Abdullah The Butcher etc.

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