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The Undertaker Reportedly Injured, Backstage News on His Match with Brock Lesnar and More

– The Undertaker was taken to a local New Orleans hospital via ambulance after last night’s WWE WrestleMania XXX due to the fear that he suffered a concussion and a possible neck injury. The last word was that Taker was expected to remain there overnight for observation.

The apparent injury had no bearing on the finish of the match, which ended exactly as planned. The injury is believed to have happened early in the match when Undertaker took a bad fall off a single leg.

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5 Responses

  1. Nick A says:

    Explains the sluggish mess of a match.

  2. LOL says:

    Taker took a few nasty bumps during that match at one point it looked like he may have reinjured that repaired hip….ugly match and a sad finish for taker fans.

  3. The Game says:

    Yeah Taker looked like he was out of it during the match. And that also explains why it took him so long to leave the ring after it was over. Somebody should’ve assisted him to the back.

  4. Lesnar did a few nasty german suplexes and the way Taker landed I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a concussion.

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