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Former WWE superstar on Undertaking losing: “Worst booking move ever”

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  1. The Game says:

    The reality era has begun

  2. dave says:

    Somebody call the hyperbole police.

  3. Jay says:

    But in the match, you can tell who was still in their prime and who is too tired. Its only fitting that the better athlete won. I on the other hand would have been pissed to see taker get beat up for the whole match n win all of ansudden with one comeback finisher

  4. Zach C says:

    … we all know how it should have ended, one of two ways, with Kane beating him in an inferno match, or for Taker to beat Sting next year in California to end undefeated and on the high note that is owed to the Undertaker.

  5. wildbill says:

    after this newest injustice by wwe i can no longer support them in any way
    they have just lost me who was a life time fan but after this i just cant continue my support of wwe brock lesner is not worthy of the honor of ending the streak it should of been daniel bryan,roman reign,bray wyatt,or even sting if infact sting has signed with wwe

  6. dave says:

    How arrogant some fans are. No one man is bigger than the business or WWE. Taker would have been cursed himself by the Streak and it looks like he has one more match in him if at all.

    Who in the WWE could believably beat Taker right now? After his encounters with HBK, HHH and CM Punk. Reigns possibly next year given the right build but if Taker is to face Sting, that doesn’t deserve the Streak out shining it and being what that dream match is all about.

    Also this would have been Taker’s decision and right now, only Brock Lesnar could have realistically pulled it off.

    I think some fans feel too entitled at times. Makes you look extremely childish

  7. Ian says:

    I hate it not so much that the streak was ended but that it was ended to someone like Brock who is part time at best and ending the streak does absolutely NOTHING for him. Brock is already a big name who doesnt need to get over. If anyone was going to beat the streak it shoudl ahve been someone like Wyatt or Reigns or even a heel turning Cena because with the first two it would have been a younger athlete moving into the real main event scene and with Cena it would have been a great way for him to turn heel.

  8. Brad says:

    I think the reason they did this if for Undertaker vs Sting next year. Now next year fans will not go into the match knowing Undertaker will win because he was defeated last night. Still iffy on the decision but like others said Taker wasn’t moving like taker last night, he don’t have much left and Sting vs Taker next year will probably be a retirement match for them both.

  9. kidsampson says:

    I agree that Taker did not seem like his normal imposing self last night. I didn’t even think his entrance had the same aura that usually surrounds it. He’s obviously aged and is on his last legs. And at the same time, Lesnar is a beast. Next to Taker you could see just how much of a physical specimen he is.

    All said, it makes sense from a physical matchup standpoint; however, I would have gone with a company man who is likely to stick around. Like it or not, John Cena deserved to be put into that role.

  10. LOL says:

    The career of the deadman is dead….the crow will save him and set him free next year at wrestlemania.


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