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A fan shares his Wrestlemania 30 predictions

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by Robert Barron, III

I have a little bit of time right now, so why not go over Wrestlemania 30 with you guys, other than the fact most of you don’t have any care in the world? I assure you my interest in professional wrestling is not what is shown on TV, but why it’s shown on TV. Anyway, here are my predictions:

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: From what I hear, WWE has only revealed 27 of the 30 participants, which leaves a few surprise entrants. One that’s really picked up steam is RVD and I could certainly see him winning it as WWE is looking to really give him a good few months on TV. Or WWE could put over a guy from NXT, like say…Alexander Rusev.

Vickie Guererro’s Diva’s Championship: I don’t remember how many women will be in this match, but I don’t anticipate AJ Lee holding onto the title due to recent backstage heat and her engagement to CM Punk. Plus, her run has been DULL through no fault of her own. Who will win it? Naomi is getting a TON of run recently and a face winning is more likely than a heel right now.

The Shield vs. Kane & New Age Outlaws: I liked the Shield’s face turn, but it was so drawn out and slow. I preferred a quick attack on Kane, but that’s nit-picking. The plan is still to eventually break apart the Shield to give Roman Reigns his inevitable push. With that in mind, I’ll take Kane, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn to take this one. I anticipate some friction for the Shield in this match similar to the recent friction they’ve encountered.

Four-Way Tag Team Titles Match: This match is tricky. The Usos won the belts on TV, which is rare these days in WWE. That usually tells me they’re just a bridge to give the belts to someone else. However, maybe the Outlaws were forced to drop them to get a tag title match on Wrestlemania. The plan was likely to give the Usos the titles on Wrestlemania anyway. And I don’t see the Usos dropping the belts to the Real Americans, Rybaxel, or Los Matadores.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt: Does anyone remember Bray Wyatt beat Daniel Bryan CLEANLY at Royal Rumble? That win cemented Wyatt in the main event picture and it doesn’t seem to have hurt Bryan at all. Something tells me that win was foreshadowing. John Cena is NOT healthy and he’s not getting any younger. WWE has to get more top level guys on the chance Cena can’t go full-time anymore. Bray Wyatt has been groomed perfectly and it won’t surprise me if Wyatt goes over. WWE loves making Cena a superhero, though, and the storyline has given Wyatt more of the upper hand. So, I’m taking Cena…painfully. Expect a GREAT match, though.

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker: Undertaker takes a full year to prepare for this match, so it’s going to be good. If you honestly go into this thing thinking, “is this the year Undertaker loses!?!?”, you’re crazy. This streak will never be broken. I’m just hoping for a Sting sighting Sunday night.

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H: WWE absolutely HAS to put over Daniel Bryan in this match. It does no one any good to have Triple H win this match and have a main event featuring 3 heels (fan reaction to Batista has been heel-ish). WWE has done this before, though. They’ve created defining moments for their superstars with title wins at Wrestlemania before (see Eddie Guererro and Chris Benoit). I’m jumping the gun, though. Bryan HAS to win.

WWE Wolrd Heavyweight Title – Daniel Bryan vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton: I jumped the gun in the last match, but I can see Bryan finally getting his moment at Wrestlemania. I can also see where WWE sticks up its middle finger to the fans by screwing Bryan yet again. There are three scenarios that make sense to me with each winning the title. Batista winning could just be a holdover for Daniel Bryan to ultimately win the title from him, rather than Orton. Orton winning could serve as WWE attempting to make him the longest reigning champion of the last however many years. That honor belongs to CM Punk and given what happened there, WWE may want to rid the books of that. Lastly, as I’ve said, Bryan winning could be a defining moment similar to Guererro and Benoit winning their titles the same Wrestlemania night YEARS ago. My money’s on Bryan winning, finally, because WWE ultimately understands his value and the damage it could have if they drag this out any longer.

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3 Responses

  1. Mine:

    Battle Royal = Big Show
    Divas = Natalya or Tamina
    Tag Title Match = Usos
    Undertaker/Lesnar = Undertaker
    Bray/Cena = Bray
    Kane & NAO/Shield = Shield
    Bryan/HHH = Bryan
    Triple Threat = Bryan – though I could see Orton winning this…it WON’T be Batista though

  2. Meh says:


    Battle Royal = Big Show (with Rusev as the Runner-up)
    Divas = AJ Lee or Tamina Snuka
    Tag Title Match = Usos
    Undertaker/Lesnar = Undertaker
    Bray/Cena = Bray
    Kane & NAO/Shield = Shield
    Bryan/HHH = Bryan

    Triple Threat = Bryan – though I could see Batista winning this if the Bryan/HHH match is a no contest and the Triple Threat ends up becoming a Fatal Fourway because the no contest.

  3. MC Live says:

    Tag Title Match- The Uso’s
    Battle Royal- Depends on what WWE is thinking. I could see a Dolph Ziggler win. Maybe Del Rio. If they want to go big surprise they could do Damien Sandow. Though I doubt it. They’ve focused on Big Show too much as a favorite to actually win it. Dolph is my favorite, but I’m not 100% sold on anyone in the match.
    Divas Match- I was thinking Naomi, or maybe Natalya. But given recent reports that WWE feels this show is face heavy, AJ has become my front runner. AJ Lee wins, but her title reign will end soon after.
    6 Man Tag- Believe in the Shield. Don’t be surprised if Roman Reigns gets a big WrestleMania Moment by himself, like spearing somebody through the barricade or something.
    Taker-Brock- They really relied on the streak to sell itself because the build has been terrible. Brock has no shot. 22-0.
    Bray Wyatt/Cena- WWE knows they have to build future stars. This is the time to do that. WrestleMania XX will be the end of an old decade, and the beginning of a new one. We may be leaving the complete Super Cena decade to focus more on younger guys. That, coupled with John Cena getting the upper hand in their last meeting Monday makes me feel Bray Wyatt is going to get a huge moment in his WrestleMania debut by beating The Champ.
    Bryan-Triple H- Tonight is Daniel Bryan’s night. WWE is famous for doing the stupid thing a lot. But they are not stupid enough to mess this up. This is without a doubt the single biggest night in WWE history. It has to be perfect. And there’s only one perfect ending tonight. That includes Daniel Bryan winning.
    Triple Threat Match- I mentioned there is only one perfect ending tonight that just has to happen. It’s Daniel Bryan holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with 70,000 plus in the SuperDome chanting “Yes Yes Yes!”

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