Audio: DDP on Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, WrestleMania

Apr 3, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

The Sports Courier”s Fred Richani interviews wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page about inducting Jake “The Snake” Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame, Roberts and Scott Hall’s incredible progress, Daniel Bryan, DDP Yoga’s success, and his WrestleMania memories.

DDP Interview Time Codes:

00:35 Appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank
02:00 Mr. Wonderful
03:50 Jake Roberts and Scott Hall going into WWE Hall of Fame
06:45 WWE Hall of Fame speech
09:15 Jake Roberts film, DDP Yoga
11:37 WWE WrestleMania memories
14:00 Daniel Bryan
15:00 WWE Performance Center, WWE NXT
17:45 Helping Chris Jericho wrestle again
19:15 Rob Van Dam, benefits of stretching
21:08 WrestleMania XXX (WrestleMania 30) Weekend
24:16 Ready to Rumble sequel?
25:00 Starring in two new films
26:10 Find more information on DDP Yoga!

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