4/3 Impact Wrestling Recap

Apr 3, 2014 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

A video package highlighting tonight’s four-way match for the TNA World Championship with Magnus defending against Samoa Joe, Abyss, and Eric Young.

We then head into the Impact Zone where Bully Ray and EC3 are standing with tables strewn about and we head into the first match of the night.

Match 1: Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray & Willow (Tables Match)
The match starts and the teams pair off with Ray going against Roode and Willow going against EC3. Ray and Willow work together and hit Roode and EC3 with Poetry in Motion before Willow hits a Team 3D-style flying headbutt on EC3. Ray then tells Willow to get thee tables and the fans start a loud “Tables!” chant, however, they take too much time, which allows Roode and EC3 to gain the advantage. The two try to send Willow through a table, but Ray gets the table out of the way in time. The two then try to send Ray through a table with a suplex, but Willow gets the table out of the way.

EC3 then goes after Willow, but all Willow does is scream before connecting with a jawbreaker. Willow follows with a series of moves and hits EC3 with a pair of Twist of Fates. Willow then sets up a table and puts EC3 on it as Rockstar Spud comes down the ramp in a wheelchair. Willow turns his attention and dropkicks Spud out of the chair and carries him to the back. Ray then climbs to the top rope but Roode stops him and shoves him down, however, Ray goes over the table set up in the ring. With Willow out of the picture, EC3 and Roode try to double team Ray, but Ray manages to fight them off and takes them down with a double clothesline. The numbers game catch up with Ray, though, as Roode is finally able to send Ray through the table with a spinebuster to win the match.

After the match, Roode and EC3 set up another table and Roode drives Ray through it with a Roode Bomb. EC3 begins to leave the ring and Roode stops him and tells EC3 to slide another table into the ring. EC3 puts Ray onto the table as Ray climbs to the top rope and drives Ray through the table with a splash from the top rope. Roode then gets into Ray’s face and tells him that he messed with the wrong person.

A golf cart is driving in the parking lot as Kenny King arrives to the Impact Zone. The security guard says he isn’t scheduled for a match tonight and King hands the guy some money before entering the Impact Zone. Mr. Anderson is then seen walking around backstage carrying a straight jacket and his match is up after the commercial break.

Magnus is seen in the parking lot and says he and Abyss are on the same page tonight. MVP is then seen in his office and says tonight’s card is stacked and runs down the card. Kenny King then enters the office and MVP says he will catch up with him later.

Match 2: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw (Straight Jacket Match)
Prior to the match, Anderson says the creepy bastard, Samuel Shaw, cannot keep his hands to himself and will help him out by putting him in a straight jacket. Shaw says he creates art with his hands and says Christy Hemme loves him. Anderson then attacks Shaw as this match starts around the ringside area. Anderson sends Shaw into the steel steps and goes for the jacket, but Shaw kicks him off. Shaw then begins to choke Anderson with the jacket as we head into a commercial break.

The match continues as Shaw is trying to put Anderson in the jacket and gets in both arms but Anderson fights back and takes Shaw down with a neckbreaker and follows with the Green Bay Plunge. Anderson begins to put the jacket on Shaw, but Shaw kicks Anderson between the legs and then puts Anderson in his signature choke hold. Shaw makes Anderson pass out and begins putting the jacket on Anderson but Anderson revives for a moment, however, Shaw puts the chokehold back on. Shaw then rolls over Anderson and finishes putting on the jacket to win the match.

The Beautiful People are backstage as Angelina Love says the two of them are going to rewrite history tonight. Velvet then tells Madison Rayne that she was nothing before them and after tonight she will be even less as we head into a commercial break.

Eric Young talked about the four-way match and says tonight is not about the title, but because of the monster he created and he has to deal with it. However, he also feels that he earned his spot after being with the company for 10 years.

Tigre Uno and Sanada come out for the start of their Best of Three series for the X Division Championship, but before it starts, Kenny King comes out and says he is the X Division. King says he appreciates the international talent but he was born in the X Division. MVP then comes out and asks King if he has lost his mind as he is acting crazy. MVP tries to get King to go back into his office to talk things over but King says everything he wants is in the ring. MVP says the card is booked up tonight but King comes back with the motivate, validate, and participate motto and challenges MVP to a match tonight. MVP says the show for him is over and King bumps shoulders with MVP as he starts to leave the ring. King again asks for an exhibition match against MVP and he agrees to it as King leaves the ring and we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: Tigre Uno vs. Sanada (Best of Three for X Division Championship)
The match starts and the two go at each other with a flurry of quick X Division style offense. Tigre Uno slows down the pace a bit but Sanada comes back and takes Uno down with a backdrop and a dropkick to pick up a near fall. Sanada then follows with a rolling cradle for another near fall and Uno rolls out to the floor to regroup. Uno comes back into the ring and takes Sanada down with a kick and goes for a split leg moonsault but Sanada gets his knees up to block it. Sanada then hits a double underhook suplex with a bridge to pick up the first fall in the best of three series.

Magnus is seen backstage and says there is a reason why nobody has seen Abyss and he is about to go out and show a side of Abyss that no one has seen before as we head into a commercial break.

Brittany meets up with Madison Rayne in the locker room and says she looks up to her. Brittany then brings up that Madison is looking for a tag team partner tonight but Madison doesn’t want to put her in that situation with the Beautiful People. Brittany pleads her case and Madison tells her to shut the door so they can talk strategy.

Magnus makes his way to the ring and says he has something to share with the fans. Magnus tells Abyss to come out to the ring and Abyss comes out wearing a suit and his new mask. Magnus says Abyss looks like a winner and wants to discuss strategy with him. Magnus talks about the match being a four corners match with the hook being Abyss going after Magnus, but that is not going to happen as they are a team. Magnus then tells Abyss that he loves him a gives him a hug.

Magnus and Abyss then leave the ring and Eric Young attacks Abyss from behind on the ramp. Magnus helps out Abyss and the two begin beating on EY in the ring as Samoa Joe comes out and joins in. Joe takes out Abyss with a headbutt as Magnus leaves the ring. Joe and EY stare each other down as EY says he will ask for his help if he needs it before leaving the ring and Joe stares him down.

The Beautiful People are backstage and their match is up next after the commercial break.

MVP is in the office with the Wolves and are talking about a shot at the TNA Tag Team Championship as the Robbie E. comes in with a trainer and says Jesse Godderz cannot compete due to pulling a muscle working out. Robbie says if MVP makes them compete there will be a lawsuit. MVP says it’s legit so there is nothing he can do about it.

A video package on Knux is aired where he confronts his dad for the first time in over two years. His dad talks about building his carnival business for him but Knux talks about following his dreams. His dad says he needs his help and Knux says he can lend a hand for a few days to get the show back on the road.

Match 4: The Beautiful People vs. Brittany & Madison Rayne
The match starts and Brittany takes Angelina Love down with a series of body slams before she tags in Velvet Sky. Brittany catches Velvet with a back elbow but Angelina pulls Brittany down by her hair before being tagged back in and picking up a near fall. Angelina continues to toy with Brittany before turning things over to Velvet as the two bend the rules while distracting the referee. Velvet picks up a near fall over Brittany but Brittany manages to make it to her corner to tag in Madison Rayne as Velvet tags in Angelina. Madison quickly takes Angelina down and picks up a near fall and Brittany soon tags herself back into the match. All four end up in the ring and the Beautiful People double team Brittany to pick up the pin fall.

The announce team hype the four corners match for the TNA World Championship, but first Kenny King will get his exhibition match against MVP which is coming up after the break.

Match 5: Kenny King vs MVP (Exhibition Match)
King and MVP lock up a few times until MVP gets King in a leg lock but he lets him go as it is an exhibition. King then shows off a bit as MVP takes him down once again and puts him in a front face lock. MVP again lets King go and King gets in a cheap shot, but brushes it off as an accident. MVP takes King down once more and King catches MVP with a back elbow, which gets under MVP’s skin and MVP takes King down with a strike. The two begin to brawl as the referee calls for the bell and then calls for more referees to break up the fight. The two are pulled apart and King nails MVP with a cheap shot before leaving the ring with a smile on his face.

Magnus is backstage and catches up with EC3 who congratulates him on his match earlier in the night. EC3 wants to know what Magnus wants as their business relationship is over. Magnus wants to know if EC3 has his back tonight and EC3 asks why he even needs him as Magnus already has Abyss. Magnus just wants to know if he has his back or not and EC3 wishes him luck and walks away. The announce team then hypes the match, which is coming up next.

Kenny King is backstage and says he and MVP just had a little friendly competition as MVP blindsides him. The Wolves pull MVP away and want to know what is up with him and try to calm him down. MVP says he just had a momentary lapse as we head into a commercial break.

Match 6: Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss vs. Magnus (Four Corners Match for TNA World Championship)
The bell rings and the sides pair off with EY going after Abyss and Joe going after Magnus. Joe quickly takes Magnus down with a boot to the face and follows with a backsplash before they begin fighting around the ringside area. EY then dropkicks Abyss out to the floor and EY takes out all three of his opponents with a dive through the ropes. EY rolls Magnus into the ring and takes Magnus down with a cross body block to pick up a near fall. Abyss follows and goes after Young but EY moves and Abyss nails Magnus. EY and Joe begin to trade words as Abyss and Magnus take them out as we head into a commercial break.

The match continues and Magnus dumps Joe out to the floor before telling Abyss to go after him so he can turn his attention to EY. Abyss and Joe begin to brawl around the ringside area as Magnus hits EY with his signature clothesline for a near fall. Abyss sends Joe into the ring post as Magnus takes EY down with a knee to the face for another near fall. Magnus continues to pick up near falls over EY in the ring before calling Abyss back into the ring. The two wear down EY but EY fights back and takes them down with a dual dropkick. Magnus quickly comes back and sends EY to the floor as Joe comes back into the ring and takes both Magnus and Abyss down.

Joe takes Magnus down with a snap slam and goes for the cover but it is broken up by EY. Joe then takes EY down with a snap slam and goes for another cover but it is broken up by Abyss. Joe goes for the trifecta and takes Abyss down with a snap slam but show signs that his ribs are still hurting and doesn’t go for the cover. Joe then counters a clothesline attempt from Magnus and puts him in the rear naked choke but Magnus connects with a mule kick. Abyss then takes Joe out with a Black Hole Slam as Joe rolls out to the floor. Magnus goes out and sends Joe into the steel steps as Abyss takes EY down with a Black Hole Slam. Magnus stops Abyss from covering EY and tells Abyss that he loves him. Magnus then goes to the top rope and hits EY with an elbow to pick up the pin fall and retain the TNA World Championship.

After the match, Magnus celebrates the victory as Abyss looks on with a conflicted look on his face. A promo for next week’s edition of Impact is aired and asks the question of who will feel the wrath of Dixie Carter as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III defeated Bully Ray & Willow in a tables match.
– Samuel Shaw defeated Mr. Anderson in a straight jacket match.
– Sanada defeated Tigre Uno by pin fall for the first win in the Best of Three series.
– The Beautiful People defeated Brittany & Madison Rayne by pin fall.
– Kenny King and MVP competed in an exhibition match.
– Magnus defeated Eric Young, Samoa Joe and Abyss in a four corners match to retain the TNA World Championship.

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