3/29 TNA house show results from Sioux City, IA

Mar 30, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: Rob Duncan & ProWrestling.net

Attendance: 900-1000

The pre-show had free pictures and autographs with several wrestlers and the TNA Title belt while DJ Zema Ion played music

The show opened with Jeremy Borash introducing Samoa Joe. Rockstar Spud made his way out in his wheelchair and said he had a doctor’s note that prevented Joe from competing in the main event. When Joe tossed it back at him, Spud banned him from ringside for the rest of the show. Security escorted Joe through the crowd.

1. Madison Rayne pinned Gail Kim to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Robert Irvine was introduced before the match, and Kim talked trash before the bell. Madison won with a spear. Robert helped his wife backstage after the match.

Borash came out with the backstage passes for the loudest fans. Sam Shaw came out and said no one was going backstage. The Wolves came out and Eddie Edwards challenged him to a match to see if the fans could come backstage.

2. Eddie Edwards pinned Sam Shaw. BroMans and Zema Ion tried to interfere, but Edwards moved out of the way. Zema was on the apron and Shaw crashed into him. Edwards rolled up Shaw with a bridge for the pinfall. Post match saw a four on one beatdown with Davey Richards coming back out for the save. They changed the tag title match to two out of three falls match.

3. Gunner beat James Storm in a Street Fight. Pre-match, Gunner led the audience in the pledge of allegiance. The finish saw Gunner reverse Storm into the chair he had wedged in the turnbuckle and then hit an F5. Gunner was the most over guy on the show.

Borash announced the new TNA Title match was a Triple Threat with Magnus, Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray.

4. The Wolves defeated BroMans two falls to one, but did not win the TNA Tag Titles because of a DQ. First fall: As the Wolves made their entrance, BroMans attacked them from behind, knocking them out with water bottles. Robbie rolled up Edwards for the quick pin. Second fall: Edwards small packaged Jesse for the pin. Third fall: Wolves had the pin, but Zema pulled Earl Hebner from the ring for the DQ.

5. Magnus defeated Bully Ray and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat to retain the TNA Title. Mid-match, Spud returned in his wheelchair to encourage the heels to work together. Magnus eventually turned on Roode again later. As Roode went to the top to hit Magnus, Bully pushed Magnus out of the way and caught Roode with a Bubba Cutter. Spud put Roode’s foot on the ropes and distracted Bully, allowing Magnus to sneak back in and roll him up for the pin.

Post-match saw Spud finally get out of his wheelchair and taunt Bully, only for Samoa Joe to come back and back Spud into the ring. Bully did some talking, and finally said “Joe, get the table.” They double chokeslammed him through the table. Afterwards, they invited three kids into the ring, and autographed pieces of the table for them.

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