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Roddy Piper Talks About a Possible WrestleMania Role and Working with Drew McIntyre

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper recently spoke with The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. Here are some highlights:

A possible role at WrestleMania XXX:
“I wrote a quick note to the WWE saying if you don’t give the fans, what they deserve, the two guys that started it, just let them walk out, you know as more to thank them. I’m not there to have people cheer for me, I’ve had my share of that and I’m very grateful. But to have Hogan in the ring and not hit the bagpipes, the fans would never forget it. Not to give them that, to give them that to remember for the rest of their lives as would we, being Hogan and myself, who I’ve not talked to, I think would be a mistake. This is 30 years, we started with a thing called War to Settle The Score. The promoter put his house and everything up on a tag team match called WrestleMania, no number. I was definitely the dark horse in the race. 30 years later I think that we should say hello, but I don’t think the WWE’s with me, I don’t know what they wanna do. But it’ll tell me, if I don’t come out it’ll probably be the last time.”

Pitching an idea to WWE to work with Drew McIntyre:
“I think that the organization thinks that I will breed rebel into these kids, and that’s not true. It’s just what I had to do to survive for my family. That’s the only reason, I can’t figure out another one. The kid Drew himself went to them, I went to them, they ended up taking the kilt off of him and making him some kind of a, I’m not sure what he is. He’s a great kid though.”

Backstage News on a Possible Heel Turn at WrestleMania XXX…

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  1. HodizX58 says:

    I think Drew McIntyre is a great wrestler with unlimited potential. They are wasting his talent having him in 3MB. I think they need to disband the 3MB and put Drew under the Management of Roddy Piper or William Regal. They could tag him with Wade Barrett and have very formidable tag team. I think you have McIntyre turn on Slater and Mahal effectively ending 3MB and then have McIntyre attack Sheamus and other top stars. After a little while introduce Piper or Regal as his manager. Have him seriously contend for the U.S. title and win it. Then you could bring Barrett into it. Have some great tag team matches with the real Americans amongst others. I just think thee are a lot better uses for Drew McIntyre then in a comedic trio of jobbers. After all didn’t Vince McMahon himself say that Drew McIntyre would be a future WWE Champion. Just some food for thought.

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