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Mar 29, 2014 - by staff

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 762 that will be aired in Louisville on 3/29 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/762

No clips this week as we go straight to the announce table with OUR OVW Broadcast Team of Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer. The competition is getting bitter around here! For example, The Body Guy came out victorious (and out of his dress) over Trailer Park Trash in a bloodbath at last weekend’s OVW Live Event in Austin, IN. There will be film of this later in the show! There are also rumors of Timmy Danger planning something extreme!

Match #1: Aaron Sky vs Leon Shelly
One of the two new refs is in charge of this rematch from last week. Sky grabs a headlock but gets shot into the ropes by Shelly. Sky blocks Shelly down then grabs him and pushes him into the corner. Danger comes out along with OUR OVW Champion Marcus Anthony and so much for that rematch.
Anthony suplexes Sky and gamma punches Shelly. Danger’s important thing to say this week is that they are hijacking OVW! Danger is sick and tired of getting blamed for stuff around here and they aren’t leaving until OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis comes out and removes the stipulations for his street fight match with Jamin Olivencia (where Jamin has to strip him to win as opposed to Danger winning by any other means) at “Sunday” Night Special on 4/6. Jamin comes out to un-hijack the show even if it means escorting Danger and Anthony out. Danger asks what army Jamin has with him, which brings out Ryan Howe (so I guess it would be a guitar army?). Howe says that tonight he’s enlisted in Jamin’s army because soon he will get his hands on Danger’s big dumb monster (Anthony)! Davis comes out and tells all four to shut up. Davis asks Danger if he can read then calls him an idiot since that contract clearly says that Danger is facing Olivencia in the street fight at SNS. Davis then turns to Anthony, who gets put in tonight’s main event against Adam Revolver under the premise of Revolver proving himself to Mohamed Ali Vaez as a potential replacement partner. Davis then tells Jamin that he can be in Revolver’s corner since obviously Danger will be in Anthony’s corner. Finally, Davis tells Howe (who faces Anthony at SNS) to stay in the ring and he’ll send out the first idiot Marauder he sees as he instructs the other to vacate the ring area. Davis warns if Danger sticks his nose in anyone’s business tonight, he will strip Danger himself! Gilbert says he loves it when Davis takes charge.

Match #2: “Wrestling’s Rockstar” Ryan Howe vs Raul Lamotta (w/fellow Marauders Shiloh Jonze, Clint Poe, and Nick Dumeyer)
Jordan Barker is OUR OVW Official for this match. Howe grabs an arm but Lamotta slips away to avoid Howe’s Whammy Bar submission move. They trade waistlocks and Howe gets his arm grabbed but throws some forearms and gets free. They trade chops then Howe hits a bulldog and goes for the arm but gets his eyes raked. Lamotta clamps on a rear chinlock but Howe fights out and pulls him into a firemans carry. Lamotta again rakes the eyes and slips away but Howe grabs him and hits and armbreaker. Howe atomic drops, dropkicks, and hits a dropping uppercut on Lamotta before pulling him into the Whammy Bar and making him tap out.

Jonze is not a happy camper! He grabs the mic as he and the other 2 Marauders circle Lamotta in the ring. Jonze berates Lamotta for failing him and embarrassing him then makes him get down on his knees. Jonze notes that Lamotta is in the same position that Tony Gunn was in last week (literally) and Gunn made the wrong choice. Jonze tells Lamotta not to make the wrong choice by failing him and that goes for Dumeyer and Poe as well!

Dean plugs OVW live events in Elizabethtown, KY (3/29), Flemingsburg, KY (4/4), and Augusta, KY (4/5). Gilbert introduces the clip from Austin, IN this past weekend with Body Guy and TPT, warning that it is very graphic. Body Guy had to win in order to not have to wear a dress. During the match, an unknown guy who is quite large and muscular comes out to pass a chain to Body Guy, who used it to get the win. The unknown guy then gets in the ring to help Body Guy beat down TPT and leave him a bloody mess! TPT gets carried out by the Austin Volunteer Fire Department. The broadcast team still doesn’t know TPT’s condition or the identity of the unknown guy (though he is referred to a Body Guy’s bodyguard).

Match #3: The Body Guy (w/”The Body Guard”) vs “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match. After some initial lockups, Body Guy gives a shot to the ribs that staggers Diamond. Body Guy goes for a body splash but Diamond sidesteps him then hits him with some forearms and a backdrop. “Body Guard” climbs up on the apron and distracts Diamond, allowing Body Guy to use the Chained Fist to get the pin.

“Body Guard” does his best Marcus Anthony impression and pulls Diamond into a full nelson but TPT runs out with a blue kendo stick and chases the Bodies from the ring. Gilbert talks to TPT, who is very angry but also adds that it’s not the first nor will it be the last time he gets busted open. He also says he has a rematch with Body Guy in Elizabethtown!

Match #4: Clint Poe (w/Jonze, Lamotta, & Dumeyer) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Joe Wheeler is OUR OVW Official for this title match, which gets underway when Poe attacks Melvin at the bell. It is duly noted that Poe earned this title shot via a victory at an OVW Live Event. Poe whips Melvin across a couple of times then unleashes a flurry of kicks. Melvin turns Poe around in the corner and clubs on him then makes him miss a splash. Melvin catches Poe off the ropes and slams him before locking him in the deadly bearhug (although Poe’s feet are on the mat), forcing Poe to tap out.

This makes the Marauders 0-2 on the evening and once again Jonze and the others join Poe in the ring. Jonze berates Poe for failing him, asking if Poe wants to be a loser like Tony Gunn. Jonze commands Poe to get down on his knees. Poe gets to one knee as Gunn comes out! Gunn says enough is enough (no one added “and it’s time for a change”) and he has nothing against anyone in the ring except for Jonze, who he calls a bully that feeds negative energy to the so-called Marauders. Gunn learned his lesson and advises the others to ditch Jonze and join him! Jonze says they won’t do that since they are not failures. Gunn admits he failed because he joined up with the Marauders and put his trust in Jonze, adding that he had a long talk with Danny Davis earlier and was granted a match with Jonze at SNS. Gunn says Jonze will get what he deserves.

Stephon J Baxter III is in the back with Mohamed Ali Vaez, stating it has been confirmed that Michael (not PS) Hayes will not be teaming with Vaez at SNS due to injuries. Vaez says he’s not going to quit now and will cash in the rematch against OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Dylan Bostic & Roberto DeLuna even if he again has to take them on by himself. Adam Revolver interrupts by reiterating his offer to fill in for Hayes. Vaez reminds him that he has a match with Anthony tonight but Vaez will be watching him to see if he is worthy of filling in.

It’s time for “The Good Word” with “Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles and his trusty altar boy “Cameron”. Titus channels Aunt Esther in calling Dean and Gilbert “heathens”. Today’s word is “understand” as he feels people have misunderstood what he is trying to do. He says he is not here to harm, control, or scare people but help them understand that the cleansing is here by the hand of the almighty! He adds that if we understand, we should turn away from evil ways and join him. He then points out that if he wasn’t speaking the truth that by now some OVW superstar would have stopped him but none have done so. Well, that gets blown out of the water as Paredyse runs out and chases the holy duo out of the ring! Paredyse gives a “Honey, I’m home!” and says he is here to stay. He doesn’t think anyone appreciates Miles’ bashing of people that are different. He also wonders what Miles does with “Cameron”! Paredyse thinks Miles’ congregation needs an enema!

Lei’d Tapa comes out and calls out Randy Royal, saying she’s not going anywhere until he comes out! She says Royal is scared to face a real woman because he’s not a real man. Royal emerges from that back and gets in the ring, referring to Tapa as “puddin'” and adding that she’s not supposed to be in here with a man. Tapa says that she knows who wears the pants in his business relationship (OUR OVW Ladies Champion Jessie Belle), and who wears the panties (Royal)!

Match #5: “Queen of Rings” Lei’d Tapa vs “Triple R Superstar” Randy Royal
Ashcraft is the ref here as Tapa piefaces Royal and gets shoved back. Tapa gives Royal a big boot as Jessie wanders out to climb up on the apron. Tapa grabs Jessie, who pitches something to Royal. A rag gets pulled out of Royal’s tights as the “something” is revealed to be ether! Royal covers Tapa’s face with the ethered rag and she passes out.

Jessie gives Royal his payoff (which no doubt will be applied to his thousands of dollars in medical bills;) and they leave. A bearded guy comes into the ring to check on Tapa.

Match #6: OUR OVW Champion “Strongest Gamer Alive” Marcus Anthony (w/”Career Killer” Timmy Danger) vs Adam Revolver (w/Jamin Olivencia)
Barker is the ref here as Anthony just shoves Revolver into the corner. Revolver then grabs a waistlock but Anthony just slings him away so Revolver decides to grab a headlock. Anthony shoots Revolver into the ropes and clobbers him. When Revolver decides to try another headlock, Anthony just pulls Revolver over his shoulders and slams him. Anthony chokes Revolver in the corner and puts him in the tree of woe though Revolver’s feet slip and he just drops in the corner. Revolver gets whipped into the corner a couple of times but makes Anthony miss splashes each time. Revolver prepares to come off the ropes but Danger reaches through and grabs his foot, which leads to Jamin chasing Danger. Anthony steps out of the ring and in between Jamin and Danger but Revolver dives out onto Anthony. Revolver gets shoved into the ringpost but dodges the charging Anthony, who hits the ringpost shoulder first. Back in, Revolver comes off the top with a crossbody for 2. Anthony hits a belly to belly suplex then locks Revolver in the Crimson Omen/full nelson for the submission win.

Anthony releases Revolver as Jamin comes into the ring and they trade blows. Anthony charges at Jamin, who pulls down the ropes and Anthony tumbles to the floor. Jamin then backs Danger into the corner and grabs him but Anthony is back and puts Jamin in the Crimson Omen. Howe runs out with and hits Anthony in the back with a chair then punches him. Howe blocks Anthony’s attempt to put him in the Crimson Omen and instead turns Anthony around, nearly applying the Whammy Bar but Anthony flops through the ropes to escape. Danger is shocked at this development as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: They did some plugging of Wrestlemania but thankfully not as much as recent weeks. I’m glad we finally got some kind of interaction between Howe and Anthony. I believe the guy that checked on Tapa was the same guy that accompanied her to the ring at the live event in Elizabethtown that I attended back in May, he was called Royal Red. Even though Vaez hesitated to name Revolver as his replacement partner, Gilbert noted later that the two would be teaming at SNS. I could see where this could be a bad idea for Vaez. Will we see “Body Guard” and Anthony in a full nelson contest? They are really pushing the live events although it would be nice if they would bring some to like the western part of Kentucky (i.e. closer to Nashville). Should be about time for Dumeyer to wrestle (and lose) a match, I think his last singles match on TV was wrestling Jessie Godderz in the bunny suit. Good to see Paredyse back! Overall, I’ll give the show like a 60-degree thumbs up.

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