Mar 29, 2014 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Apologies for the slight lateness in this week’s trivia, I’ve been caught up in work for most of the week. Anyhow, on with the show…

Q Who was drafted last (to each roster) in the first WWF draft lottery?

A) Mighty Molly to Raw and Perry Saturn to Smackdown

Congratulations to those who answered correctly. MC Live retains his narrow lead over Andrew Davis, with Rory Mehlberg leading Dan Lovato in the third place battle.

I have decided to reset the leaderboard post-WrestleMania, so with that in mind, the final question of round two will be on Saturday 12th April. I will then take one week off before beginning round 3. With that said, onto this week’s question…


With WrestleMania right around the corner, what better event to focus on for this week’s question? Many people believe that Diamond Dallas Page’s first Mania appearance was at WrestleMania X8, when he defeated Christian to retain the European Title. However, Page had actually made an appearance at a previous WrestleMania event. Can you tell me which Mania he appeared at and what role he played there?

Good luck!

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