3/23 WWE house show results from Binhamton, NY

Mar 23, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

By Myron Kittle

Tag team match to start, Rhodes brothers vs. Ryback and Axel. Cody pins Axel with the crossroads. Fun 10+ minute opener.

Brodus Clay vs the Great Khali. He could barley walk down the ramp. Khali wins with the chop in about 5 minutes will post video of him walking up ramp.

Divas title up next. Naomi vs AJ. Vickie Guerrero comes out to major heat. Guy in front of me screams ” you killed your husband!” Hmm ok? Vicki says Naomi doesn’t deserve a title shot today, then heads to the back. Whatever Naomi wins with the ass blaster in about 5 minutes.

Christian vs. Big Show. Well this isn’t going long I gotta get a beer. Big Show won after Christian got a chair and show knocked it out of his hands then hit him with the knockout punch. Fun comedy match probably around 10 minutes.


Three way dance Big E vs. Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston. Your winner and still ic champ Big E after Cesaro got a Trouble in Paradise and a Big Ending for the pin.

Six man tag match next. Los Matadores & Sin Cara vs. 3MB. Sin Cars pins Jinder Mahal after a fun 10 ish minute match with a swanton.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan IN A STEEL CAGE! Bryan came out with his shoulder taped up, true professional. You sold out chants at Kane. Bryan won withe the Busaku knee. Probably around 10 12 minutes

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